K'style cover

KARMART is a circle that produces chill-out music. Quite nice stuff.

This is a mini-album released at C78. I liked KARMART’s previous albums alot, so I was very excited when I saw that this had been uploaded. KARMART consists of two artists,  此糸ウルヱ and techi.k. Their music is highly electronic, with synthesizers in pretty much every song as well as a good amount of drum machines.

Circle Name: KARMART
Album Name: K’style #1
Website: http://karmart.sakura.ne.jp/c78.html

This is only a mini album, so there are only three tracks on disk. It’s a bit of a pity that there’s so little, but hopefully the #1 in the name means there’ll be a #2 soon enough.

  1. Skyscraper [K’Style Mix]
    Starts off nice and slowly, and gradually builds up. I especially like the drums in the starting, and the piano is a nice accompaniment. It actually reminds me of some of Daft Punk’s music, but it does eventually revert to the usual style I expect from KARMART. Synthesizers take up the lead near the middle, and the drum provides good support for it. Funky and relaxing, my only complaint would be that it’s rather long and doesn’t really develop too much in the middle bit and gets somewhat repetitive.
  2. マドロミ
    A nice and bold opening, the synthesizer lead sets the mood for this song. The usual piano, drums and synth make up most of the song, but they’re used in a refreshingly different way from the previous track. Piano leads transitions this time, and drum is pretty much kept constant while the synth retains the leading role. Unlike the previous track, this one continues to develop throughout the middle and this results in quite a varied sound. The closing is also very interesting, and really is what I have come to expect and love from KARMART. Relaxing yet energetic.
  3. Heaven’s feel
    Quite an odd title, I don’t know why you would call it that. It’s rather weird at the starting, and quite different from the other two tracks. Quite a departure from the sound of the two other tracks, but yet somehow still maintains KARMART’s distinctive style while doing it. I don’t quite like this track, but I don’t really hate it either. It’s… weird to me. It makes for an interesting ending to the album, but somehow I think they could have done better.

This album did most certainly live up to my expectations, and I am definitely waiting warmly for KARMART’s C79 offering. Excellent album, love it.