interestingly coloured touhoes

Fixed alot of errors, and updated some new character descriptions.

So it turns out I missed alot of new skills popping up in B20, such as Keine’s B and Reimu’s B being changed. Translated those, and fixed some skills that weren’t translated on research tooltip. Also fixed Meditation Ring recipe, which was Pendant of Life instead of Recovery Ring, and Elysee’s recipe is translated now.

Also, Reimu’s kick skill got removed and changed to some weird orb thing in this version, so yeah.

Download: DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire (Bugged version, look for a newer one.)

This took me pretty long to do, due to some errors coming up with character encoding(Ahaha bad idea to try out new ways of doing things). I was actually translating B20Fix2, but Fix3 came out right when I was just about finished so I decided to just release Fix3 instead. Ended up taking me 5 hours in total, which is pretty long for just a simple updated version.