Linjin, & Ayakura Mei from Left to Right.

This post is about the live event that happened last night, with Syrufit + Cytokine + Ayakura Mei appearing and DJing for a live audience on Ustream. It was pretty exciting.

Somehow, they managed to get Ayakura Mei to try out being a DJ, which was funny. Eventually, this happened:

That’s some cool outfits.

Anyway, the link for a recording of the main event is over here, which includes everything up to Ayakura Mei’s DJ bit, I believe. There’s also a few “sit down and talk” bits which are interesting if you know Japanese.

I was actually pretty surprised to see how looks, it’s a fair bit different from what I imagined. Linjin(Cytokine) looks closer to what I thought he would look like, and so did Ayakura. Ayakura also turned out to be surprisingly moe, especially in the afterparty bits.