A minor update with some nerfing and bug fixes. Also fixed one translation error that was found, but not much changed other than that.

This version isn’t actually released by the original author Lady_Kim-Kelf, but seems to have been posted on the cafe by romantica_92. Changelist as follows:

  • Tal’lasha amulet health bonus from 250 –> 150
  • Nazrin’s bounce attack nerfed

It doesn’t say anything else on the release page, but there’s probably alot of bugfixes? One would presume that at any rate. Keine’s V skill had a korean research text which has been fixed in this translation version.

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

There’s also a bit of change to the name, with the map file being called B22 instead of BEE, but that’s really minor. The name in-game is still at B.EE, so yeah.