This is an interesting album, mainly featuring electropop with vocals. Its an original album by a circle I haven’t heard of before, so I was pretty cautious approaching this album. It turned out to be quite lovely.

I don’t really like listening to original albums by doujin circles since they tend to be rather hit and miss. Usually, I prefer picking up Touhou albums since it’s easier to find new ones, and they are guaranteed to have some standard of quality due to the fact that they’re remixes.

This album is a hit.

As you can probably guess, the album is mostly electronic music, with a fair amount of house in it. It suits my tastes, so I ended up liking it alot.

Circle Name: 葉月ゆら×Tetsushi

  1. wake up SUPIKA!
    The start of this intro track is rather interesting, I like how it feels empty while still having a strong sound. Just an intro track, so moving on:
  2. xoxo
    I always like it when piano is mixed with house. Quite a nice house beat in the background, with vocals done by 葉月ゆら(Yura Hatsuki). I don’t know anything about this vocalist, but I like her voice. She has a somewhat high pitched voice with good power behind it, and overall she’s quite strong sounding. The auto-tuner used does get a bit excessive at times, but it adds to the electronic feel so I think it’s justified.
  3. Liar
    This is an interesting, interesting track. I say interesting twice because that’s how interesting it is. A light synthesizer mixed with heavy house beat leads into a more standard electronic sound. Sounds quite a fair bit like electro house, and probably is. Vocals done by Yura Hatsuki again. Less auto-tuning this time, so she sounds alot more natural than before, and has a lower pitch. I like how she sounds here better than in xoxo, it’s alot more emotional. Overall, quite a funky track, and one of my favourites of this album.
  4. kiss me kiss me(Original mix)
    A very bit-pop feel at the start before transitioning into a more normal house beat, with some well timed synthesizers accompanying. The introduction of new instruments is excellent, with new melodies being introduced before the old ones get stale, yet not too fast that it’s overwhelming. Yura on vocals again, which provide the main focus for the middle of the song. Melody & vocals blend together well despite how strong they both are, and they don’t really overpower each other. Excellent composition and mixing.
  5. Happy new year(Original mix)
    As usual, heavy electronic start before leading into the vocals. Not quite sure what the vocals at the start are saying(appears to be in engrish, and I hear someone saying mastercard(or master spark!) or something), but the main body of the song is still sung in Japanese so not much surprises there. Vocals by Yura again, which is to be expected since this album is a collaboration between Yura(vocalist) and Tetsushi(arranger). I don’t really like the main structure of the melody, but that’s more an issue of personal preferences than anything. Apart from that, everything sounds well done.
  6. Jump to the world
    Starts off immediately with the drums, along with some intriguing electric guitar. Vocals done by Tetsushi this time round, who is male. I don’t really like male vocals since it tends to be quite grating, but this isn’t really singing so much as rapping so I’m okay with that. I don’t like how the electric guitar is overpowered by the synthesizers once the song approaches the middle, that could probably have been done better. The alternating vocals by Tetsushi and later on Yura are quite interesting, with a good contrast between the different voice types.
  7. Lost Eden
    Much lighter start to the song, feels like easy listening until the vocals kick in. Everything feels alot more laid-back in this track, and overall it’s more relaxed than what we’ve had so far. Yura does a good job with the vocals, and the whole song ends up having a very nice, calm feel to it.
  8. kiss me kiss me(T’s Electro mix)
    Sounds faster paced than the previous track. I don’t know too much about Electro as a genre, it seems to be somewhat faster-paced than house while still sharing the same beat structure, with a heavier reliance on synthesizers. Sounds rather different from the original mix, with the vocals sounding alot more processed than in the original. It has quite a good sound, though it is a bit overwhelming at parts.

I really like how well done this entire album is. Every track sounds nice and well balanced, with the album as a whole sounding well arranged and ordered. I should probably go and check out more albums arranged by Tetsushi, since he really does do a very good job of arranging.