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This is an album that has remixes of Final Fantasy III/V/Tactics, Touhou and some Seiken Densetsu music as well. Project Sync is a relatively new circle consisting of Rute and Lix, with this only being their second release. I have heard Lix’s tracks before on different albums, so I picked this up to see how it was.

It turned out be quite good, actually. Lix has a rather Drum n’ Bass oriented style, which shows quite alot in this album. Helpfully, most of the genres are labelled on the site, but the arrangers for each song aren’t credited individually so I can’t say for sure who’s doing which track.

I have heard some of Rute’s previous work on collaboration albums before, and he has done work with Lix before in Levo Lution, so the two should be rather used to working together. There’s a third member of Project Sync but it’s an illustrator/designer so we’ll ignore him.

Circle Name: Project Sync
Album Name: Mercy

  1. Cloud Explorer
    This is the only Touhou track on the album, which is somewhat disappointing. Has a very Drum n’ Bass feel to it, though the website tells me it’s Liquid Funk. I guess that’s similar? Most music in the Jungle genre sound extremely similar anyway, and it’s sort of hard to tell the difference unless you listen to it alot. Has a very nice, relaxing feel to it, with the piano adding a nice touch. I like how the ending is done, too.
  2. Floating Aqualine
    This is a Seiken Densetsu 3 remix, of a track called Powell. I haven’t quite heard it before so I’m unable to comment on the similarity to the original, but the remix sounds nice and varied. The strings add a touch of orchestral to this piece, while the main drum & bass feel still carries over. That xylophone-sounding thing is nice as well, with the piano appearing again. Develops well too, with the ending sounding quite different from the start.
  3. Decision Bell
    A rather nice remix, this one made me look up the original. It’s quite reminiscent of the original Decision Bell while clearly being a different piece. The use of the church bells adds a rather haunting backdrop to the main melody, which adds alot of effect to the main piano. The drum & bass sound still carries over but it’s less of a focus, with the piano taking the spotlight. My favourite track of the album.
  4. Desert Land, Sand Storm
    Transitions over extremely well from Decision Bell, with one last ring of the bell before the new track starts. It almost feels like a continuation of Decision Bell, with absolutely no jerkiness in the transition. This is a remix of Desert Land from Final Fantasy Tactics, which is a battle theme. I don’t really feel that battle themes are suitable for remixing, since they tend to be quite powerful on their own, but this track is pulled off quite well. It still sounds like a piece of music that would play during a battle, and you can hear the sound of the original in it, but it stands on its own just fine.
  5. As I feel you feel
    It’s quite rare to find remixes of Final Fantasy V music, especially considering how old it is. I haven’t quite heard the original, so I won’t be comparing this with it. Starts off sounding quite relaxed, with a piano repeating the same chords in the background over and over again. Not quite sure how I feel about that, though the flute compensates for that rather well. The drums are strong in this one, but not overpowering, resulting in a rather balanced, but somewhat repetitive track.
  6. Wish Upon a Moon take 3
    Apparently a remix of one of Rute’s originals from something called Celestia 3, this has a much more electronic feel to it than the previous tracks. The composition sounds rather solid, with each instrument introducing itself gradually, suiting the Trance genre quite a fair bit. Definitely sounds well done, and a good track overall.
  7. Wings that don’t reach
    Strangely enough, we have an Orchestral track here for some reason. A solo piano leads in the melody, adding a very soft feel to the piece before more pianos join. Has a rather sad feel to the whole piece, especially when the rest of the instruments are introduced. This is actually a remix of a track from an old Square game called Live A Live, which was never released officially in English. Overall, a good track but lacks excitement and energy for the first half.
  8. Eternal Wind
    A Progressive House track! Has a fair amount of energy right at the start, with a house beat and a trance-like feel to it. Once the synthesizer gets properly introduced it becomes quite a relaxing track, with the house beat somewhat fading into the background. Project Sync seems to really like old Square games, with this being a remix of a track from Final Fantasy III. Nice stuff.

Overall, this album has a rather heavy Drum & Bass influence when you compare it to say, Levo Lution’s work. I don’t quite like how long most of the tracks are, but they do develop rather well so it’s forgiveable. I wish there were more Touhou melodies though, those are always nice.

Oh, and the fact that there’s only a 300 pixel picture of the cover is rather annoying too, so I used the site’s banner instead.