This is a vocal album, featuring plenty of rock and electronic albums. One of my favourite albums from CYTOKINE.

All the songs in this album are done by aki, who is a pretty mysterious person. I don’t think aki has any sort of online webpage or profile, or even a twitter account, which is disappointing. Her vocals tend to be mostly rather mature sounding, and she manages most pitches ratherwell.

This entire album is arranged by Linjin, and shows off his old style quite a fair bit.

Anyway, I like this older style from CYTOKINE better than their newer releases, with a much more rock-focused sound, and a much more solid feel overall. This isn’t to say that I don’t like the new style – I like it too, but I think that CYTOKINE’s older albums have a much more unique sound.

Circle Name: CYTOKINE
Album Name: bifurcation

  1. Nu:world
    Starts off with a very funky electronic sound before progressing to a heavier, more drum-focused sound. aki’s vocals are excellent right from the get-go, performing the main melody splendidly. A rather faithful take on the original, with not much modification to the melody, and done quite well. A nice start to the album.
  2. R.E.D
    This track has a vastly different approach to remixing. It’s almost impossible to tell that this is a U.N. Owen remix, lacking almost all of U.N. Owen’s identifiable traits, with only a vague hint of the track’s origins in the vocals and instruments. I don’t think you would be able to enjoy this as a remix, but it’s wonderful as its own song.
  3. wish 4 shadows
    Another track with a rather interesting start, has a sort of wistful vocal thing going on in the intro that segues well into the main body of the song, with a much more “normal” style. LinJin’s arrangement is superb, with a good choice of instruments that back up aki’s vocals very well. aki herself does well, but I think this song could have done better with a different vocalist with a cuter sound, like say Ayakura Mei.
  4. light
    This is one of the weaker tracks in the album. Most of the other tracks so far have had excellent arrangements supporting well thought out vocals, but the instruments fail to deliver any meaningful backing for the vocals, and the vocals themselves are far too strained in most portions. What a shame.
  5. everlasting circle
    Perhaps the most interesting track on the album, this one treats vocals as an instrument to be arranged and played around with. LinJin produces a very catchy melody with the synthesizers, which maintains my interest in this track throughout the off-vocal parts. aki’s vocals are remixed heavily in this track, with a very interesting electronic sound to it. The chorus also sounds very nice, with interesting lyrics throughout that make this a very catchy track. Sadly, the outro for this track is very weak, but everything else more than makes up for it.
  6. across the border of life
    I have rather mixed feelings about this track. On one hand, the arrangement is excellent with a very catchy intro to the track, but aki’s vocals don’t suit this track too well – it would have been better with a different vocalist, especially since it contains alot of high pitches which is aki’s weaker point. I don’t think it’s too bad though, since the instrumentals make up for it quite well, and the vocals do end up feeling somewhat well balanced.
    This is one of the most popular tracks in the entire album, popular enough to receive it’s own re-remix on a later album and several other remixes by other people. It’s not hard to see why, either. Excellent vocals by aki in this track, along with a very powerful arrangement by LinJin backing it up. The piano playing the main melody contrasts well with the harder drum, resulting in an excellent track.
  8. bifurcation
    It’s rather rare to see remixes for Neo Super-Express, especially one done so well. I like the main melody of Neo Super-Express anyway, so this ended up being an instant like for me. Aki’s vocals play the main melody well, with LinJin’s arrangement doing a good job of backing her up. A nice ending to the album.

This was originally going to be posted yesterday, but I ended up having some unexpected trouble so it goes up today instead.

CYTOKINE has always been one of my favoured circles, but recently they seem to be becoming more like Syrufit and Alstroemeria Records, with alot of collaboration between the three. This is disappointing for me since I like CYTOKINE’s original sound because it sounds so different and yet so great. I hope they go back to their original style of arranging, but that’s probably not going to happen.