A rock album by another fairly unknown circle, featuring a number of female vocalists. You could probably say that this is actually a mini album, since it only has 4 tracks.

Anyway, I know nothing about this circle and the arrangers/vocalists! So I’ll be reviewing this without any preconceptions of style, and I won’t bother trying to remember the vocalists since they only have one track each.

Overall, this album has a very nice rock sound to it, with some minimalist elements present at times too. Most of the time the vocals take the spotlight, and the instruments serve as backup.

Circle Name: Alice Music
Album Name: madder
Website: http://alicemusic.ciao.jp/madder.html

  1. introduction
    This was the track that convinced me that this album was worth reviewing – it has a good combination of different elements, with the typical rock-style drums and some more electronic sounds at the start seguing into a more traditional guitar-focused sound. It’s a pity that this is the only instrumental track on the album – it truly is rather unique and different from most other rock instrumentals, and I would have liked to see more of it. Also somewhat short, with a track length of 2:44.
  2. madder
    The titular track of the album, with あいか as the vocalist. She has a rather high pitched voice, but maintains a mature enough sound without sounding too cute. Whether or not you like this track really depends on whether or not you can bring yourself to like her voice – if you can’t, the entire track is pretty bad. Thankfully, I find her voice quite good, suiting the song quite a fair bit. Instrumentals in the background provide good backup for the vocals, and remain impressive throughout the off-vocal parts. The shouting is a bit odd, but adds a nice amount of contrast to the song. I think it could probably have been managed better though, and this sort of thing is more suited to metal than rock.
  3. blindness
    The transition into this track feels rather well done, with the soft start of this song padding the ending of madder well. Vocals provided by ゆんか, who conveys a fair amount of emotion in her vocals. The instruments actually do quite well in this track, providing an excellent platform for the vocals, but once again if you don’t like the vocals you won’t be able to like the song. Her vocals are actually pretty well-done, better than the previous vocalist by a fair amount, though it’s probably because this is an easier song to sing. My favourite track from this album.
  4. 二色蓮華蝶
    It’s pretty rare to find Dichromatic Butterfly vocal remixes, especially rock-style remixes, so this was nice.  ひなまろ does a good job with the vocals despite the difficult melody, and the instruments do a good job as well. I especially like the choice to introduce a piano in the background for some of the softer bits, which adds a delicate touch to the track. Sadly, it doesn’t follow the original melody strictly, and has a fair bit of original stuff thrown in. However, the parts where it does follow the original are done quite splendidly and make up for everything else. Could have been so much better though.

This is actually a pretty interesting circle that would probably be worth watching closely. It’s a pity that most of their arrange credits on the website are somewhat mish-mash, which will make it difficult to track any sort of musical style. I’m not sure if it’s because this is a special album or something, but it’s also somewhat jarring to have a different vocalist on every track.

In the end, it’s a pretty decent album, and I would definitely recommend listening to it at least once. Whether or not you will like it depends strictly on the vocals, so if you aren’t one for vocal albums then maaaybe you can pass this over.