Today is April’s Fools day. Instead of preparing any elaborate jokes, I decided to write an album review instead. Aren’t I fun?

Moving on, DSdA is a fairly new circle, with Jugem-T as the main arranger. DSdA is apparently an acronym for Die Symphonie des AZURES, which is German for The Symphony of Azure, which is cool I guess? Jugem-T is actually a pretty decent hardcore arranger, but this album is more focused on regular-sounding trance rather than anything like hardstyle or gabber.

Most of the songs in this album are fairly low-key compared to the track he did for GENSOU HARDSOUND #004, which disappoints me somewhat since I liked it alot. Nevertheless, this album is a good representation of Touhou trance remixes.

Circle Name: DSdA
Album Name: 月天 -Getten-

  1. 紅紫桜
    Has a touch of orchestral/symphonic to an otherwise heavy trance-style track. I like the use of the violin during the breakdowns quite a bit, makes it sound rather unique and different. Also probably a good decision to have it carry the main melody, as it’s immediately distinctive from the heavy drums and synthesizers. Overall despite the symphonic touches the net result is a normal-sounding trance track, that, while not outstanding, is not bad either.
  2. Night Out
    Starts off seeming like a regular trance-style track, with a very slow build-up that climaxes with the introduction of a new bass instrument in a pretty cool but normal-sounding way. I’m quite a fan of the build-up for trance tracks since they enhance whatever they’re building up to quite a fair bit, and it works rather well in this track. It doesn’t really develop in a way that I like after the first minute or so though, and a very loud violin is introduced near the middle. This adds a pretty orchestral sound to the track, but I’m not too fond of it at all. Rather like the bits that don’t have that loud, somewhat obnoxious violin. The piano is okay though, and the ending is excellent.
  3. Luna Scape
    A much higher energy track than what we’ve had so far, with a consistent drumbeat throughout the song. Symphonic elements appear once again in this track, but they appear to be managed better this time, with a piano and violin used to add the the atmosphere without taking over the song entirely. I like the use of Mokou’s theme in this, which is carried well by the some what xylophone-sounding synthesizer at the start. Overall, this track maintains an excellent atmosphere while being quite an exciting hard trance track. There were a few moments where some extremely distorted bass that’s more reminiscent of gabber appeared, but those were mostly gone in seconds and didn’t detract too much from the atmosphere.
  4. Fly to the …
    A somewhat more relaxed track that’s more focused on euphoric anthems than the previous tracks. I’m quite tempted to peg this track as a Progressive Trance track, but it develops too quickly for a proper Progressive track. Instead, it has a simple, short build-up to the introduction of any new elements that makes this track quite a pleasure to listen to. It still maintains a rather hard style, but any only barely has any symphonic traces, with much of it being a typical trance track. I think Voyage 1969 is quite beautiful when rendered on piano, so it’s quite nice to see a bit of piano being used for the main melody at times, along with a more electronic synthesizer at other times. Also, using NASA samples on a Voyage 1969 track? I see what you did there.
  5. Dawn
    This track is a guest arrange by Cirwo from C9, who is a pretty decent hardcore arranger. Overall, this is a pretty typical trance track with no particularly stand-out elements. It’s actually rather boring to listen to, since it lacks any decent amount of energy with the on-and-off drums, and the relatively dull sounding synthesizer used for the main melody doesn’t manage to capture my imagination at all. While not necessarily a bad track, it’s just amazingly mediocre and not memorable in any way. Should probably stick to arranging hardcore instead.
  6. Moonlight Symphony
    Back to symphonic trance again this time, with a good use of violin at the start. There appears to be something that sounds like a harmonica mixed in as well for some reason. The arrangement is quite good, with a nice climax right before the breakdown, and a good choice on the drum pattern too. Overall I’d say this is the track that best defines the album – heavy symphonic elements mixed with trance elements, along with a breakdown-buildup-anthem formula. Very nice to listen to.

I like Jugem-T’s work quite a fair bit, but I think he does better arranging hardcore than regular trance. Would definitely like to hear more works by him, but would especially like to see more featured tracks on KINZOK-ON’s albums, or maybe some tracks on C9, rather than more from DSdA.