More and more changes to the new characters, and you can now surrender to opponents in-game after 75 minutes!

Download: DDL is no longer available as this is an outdated version / Mediafire

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 4.6 and Model Pack 1.5.

Patchlog from B30Fix to now:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with Rune of Warding/Protection’s effect.
  • Fixed a bug with Hina’s Exorcism spell.
  • Fixed a bug where Kyouko’s Charged Yahoo! had some problems relating to Kyouko dying while using it.
  • Fixed a bug with Kyouko’s Power Resonance when it was used on an enemy that was far away.
    Fixed a bug caused by using Kyouko’s Power Resonance on herself.
  • Fixed a bug where Yukari’s Double Black Death Butterfly would not return properly.
  • Fixed some bugs with Miyako’s Heal by Desire, Poison Raze and Score Desire Eater.
  • Fixed a bug with Akyuu’s Second Chronicle.
  • Fixed a bug involving Mokou using Possessed by Phoenix on a person who has Hon Gan Sword, and then using Hon Gan Sword.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get negative revive time by using upgrading Stopwatch enough times on certain characters, which would result in no resurrection.
  • Fixed a bug where you would get more than 30 gold at the 1-minute interval.
  • Various text corrections.

Balance Changes:

  • Miyako’s Score Desire Eater’s damage type changed from Spell to Pure.
    Score Desire Eater now increases Miyako’s HP Regeneration by 5/10/15 when in use.
    Score Desire Eater now also increases Miyako’s damage taken by 20% when in use.
  • Miyako’s base stats (STR/AGI/INT) changed from 30/10/10 -> 20/15/15
    Stat growth changed from 4.5/1/0.5 -> 3/1.5/1.5
    Base movement speed changed from 250 -> 255
  • Kyouko’s Charged Yahoo! input time increased from 4 -> 6 seconds.
    It now prompts you what key you need to press (Don’t trust it, it lags behind a bit. MASH THE ARROW KEYS)
  • Kyouko’s Echo Mountain Scramble(Mastery) cooldown changed from 7 -> 2
    Damage decreased from 250 -> 170
  • Medicine’s Poison Breath range increased from 400 -> 650
  • Medicine’s Nerve Poison duration decreased from 7 -> 5
  • Chen’s Searing Nails damage bonus decreased from 16/22/28/34/45 -> 10/18/26/34/45
  • Akyuu’s Second Chronicle cooldown changed from 20/14 -> 14/8
    Only affects heroes.

Other Changes:

  • Reveal Radius for out-of-sight attacking units increased from 100 -> 150 (Default is 200)
  • Incubator can now be selected by hitting F8 (Idle Worker).
    You can now vote to surrender the game to the opponents after 75 minutes pass. This vote requires a majority of the team members to use the ability, which is located in the Incubator.


I forgot to update Miyako’s Devour Magic description in this version, and I’m too lazy to re-do it so I’ll fix it in the next version. I went through trying to find abilities that still had Korean for the “Name” slot, which doesn’t actually show up in-game unless you’re Satori or an observer, so I didn’t bother translating most of those at first. I think I found most of them, which is good.

The Charged Yahoo! indicator appears to be rather unreliable after translating it to English from symbols. I might consider not changing it in the next release and just sticking with the symbols, but it requires a Unicode capable font installed in your Warcraft 3 to see, so that’s problematic in some ways.

I’ve prepared an updated installer for the 4.6/1.5 sound/model pack, which has Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean and Russian language options added, since I see some visitors from those websites.