^Middle to right, they are going to kill you.

Firstly. Don’t ready your Witch hunting fire arrows yet. Today I’m here to recommend to you a really horrible VN. You would have probably heard of it already as an anime so if you liked it, read on. I liked the anime too. (Or did I…)

Okay it might be imprudent of me to write a review/recommendation as someone who only cleared three out of five routes in the Eroge but after the first one I just had a bad feeling about it..and so after the third one I just condemned ‘Shuffle!’ (I mean I cleared what looks like the main three heroines…or am I mistaken and an underage little girl/Loli is supposed to be the main heroine?)

Alright so lets get onto introducing the charac- hrm? You want to know about the plot first? That’s kinda difficult on me…You know…I mean…Ahh…ANYWAY Here goes the introduction of characters.

The protagonist.
His name is Rin Tsuchimi and I don’t have a preview for how he looks like but it’s not like it actually matters right? Kay he’s a normal healthy guy who is interested in the bodies of girls. That’s what he’s been telling the heroines through the three different dimensions I visited of him.
A self justified good guy who preys on the innocent hearts of the heroines using his own innocent heart of the past. (Just according to keikaku.Keikaku=plan) But of course the only reason he can believe he’s a nice guy is obviously because his best and only male friend is the incarnation of Lust,Greed and Pride.

Okay enough of the Protagonist. Let’s go on to the heroines.

First off Lisianthus from the World of Gods.

^Take note of the similarities of the following screenshots

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. Silly me. Shuffle! is set in a world where our human world is being taken over by Godlike and Demonic beings and they can without reason or rhythm pulverize you with magic. But mainly it’s just because long ears are the new fetish now or something. The magical setting does not affect the plot one bit even if you take it out.

Alright so Lisianthus is the only child of the God of all Gods or rather King of the Gods. The cheerful girl who despite her position as Princess apparently has no responsibilities to go with it so she’s just training to be a bride since she loves the protagonist. Can cook. Failure in academics.

Apparently the protagonist played around the city with her when she was lost in the human world eight years ago  from the start of the novel..And hence…she fell in love.

…This is really hard…There is really nothing to them…

Well well well…Second there’s Nerine from the World of Devils.

^Something seems strangely… familiar don’t you think so? It’s as if there’s..

Nerine. The Oujo-sama from the World of Devils. Nickname: Angel’s Bells. She even comes with a noble theme bgm each time she appears alone.!The only child of Maou the King of Devils. She possesses enough power to incinerate a city at one go.
Like Lisianthus she doesn’t seem to need to care about her home World or the throne. Actually it doesn’t seem like the Kings themselves need to care about their home Worlds.

She can’t cook but eventually learns to make a sunny side up egg VER. slightly burned for the protagonist. Has high tier scores for exams. Nerine is a modest and elegant young lady who happens to be in love with the protagonist as well.
Yeah so similar to the one above, She met with the protagonist eight years ago and played for a bit when she was lost and thus she fell in love. Or rather that’s what she claims anyway.

And then there’s Fuyou Kaede from the World of Humans.

^As if there’s a formula to Shuffle! Look at the SS!

Fuyou Kaede. The childhood friend character of Shuffle! Human. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .  . . . . . . .Excellent at cooking. . . . . . . . Raison D’etre in life is to take care of the Protagonist. . . . . . Idol of the school…Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! There’s nothing!

Alright character intro in a nutshell.
A Fuyou Kaede= Modest and overwhelming devotion to the one she loves. Very good housewife as long as she doesn’t turn Yandere.

Uh yeah that’s it for her I guess. Either my memory is really bad or there really is nothing to Shuffle! characters.

Alright from here on are the two other heroines whose routes I haven’t cleared so I don’t have the ‘similar feel screenshot for them’ (I have no doubt that their plot goes the same way as well.)

And so here’s Shigure Asa

Shigure Asa Sempai. The Green haired one.

I haven’t cleared her route so I won’t say anything about her but she is a prodigy cook. A not so human human not human. Loves hitting Protagonist.

Lastly JailBait Primula

A cute little girl. Probably the best heroine out of all of them.


Alright and so time to tell you the plot. It’s ze very simple. I even have a formula written out for Shuffle! plots.

Girl+History with Protagonist > Fall in love > I R not worthy of your love/I can’t be with you because[insert face palm reason] > chases girl > Happy end.

Yeah sorry I guess I could have written more. But I got lazy halfway writing this…It took me three hours to finish this so yeah.
It’s really horrible of a read so I won’t provide links this time. If you really want it, seek me out.

ALRIGHT THEN HERE’S the something for you to read.

It’ll take up about half an hour and is a pretty alright read.

1 Billion Dollar Girl

Link:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X6BW98C0

Well then. I’ll do a recommendation for a proper VN sometime not so soon.
See you guys around then.