This is a simple map that I made.
A sound clip plays. You guess where it came from, or who the character in the soundclip is.
Also some various team-killing stunts to stop anyone from winning.

It’s quite fun.

Download: DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire

Current version is 1.12

Changes from 1.11b:

  • To make it shinier, it now snows when you’re playing
  • Also to make it shinier, map preview picture is prettier
  • 15% increase in the total number of sounds
  • 150% increase in the number of bugs that I don’t know about
  • Mode selection now has boxes that you can click on, yay
  • You can select what modes to play and what modes to not play and what order to play modes in
  • You can toggle tk on/off again

1.13 Goals:

  • Add an additional text-based mode

Future Goals:

  • “Seiyuu” mode (Low priority)

This should be a stable version, but there may be some bugs.

I’m accepting suggestions for any soundclips to add, but I don’t know about every anime series out there, so if you can add a youtube link to any suggestions they are far more likely to be added.