For a change, I’ll take a look at a circle rather than doing an album review. How exciting!

Trichromatic is quite mysterious. There’s hardly any information about the two members, TMZ and KEI, and there’s no official Twitter account either. Trichomatic‘s home page contains almost no information, save for the fact that they aren’t going to participate in any more doujin events since it’s too expensive and takes too much time.

A little bit of digging reveals bits and pieces of information, with an “About” page providing the names of the members. There’s not alot of information there though, which is quite a shame considering how good they are.


The first album I heard from them was the excellent “ETHEREAL!”, which contains an interesting mix of Trance/House music that I highly recommend. It’s an excellent demonstration of Progressive Trance style with some interesting deviations here and there and excellent album composition overall. There’s a bunch of great tracks in there, with #1, #2 and #3 being my favourites.

Undoubtedly though, the most stellar track of the album is #2, a very chill-out remix of “The Gensokyo The Gods Loved”. I haven’t heard anything like it. This is truly a unique track that no circle but Trichromatic would produce.

Astral Pulse

The second and last album I’ve heard is Astral Pulse. This album has an interesting naming scheme for tracks, with all of the tracks being named in accordance with the Solar System. Track #1 is named after the Sun, #2 is named after Mercury and so on and so forth. I like it when circles do little things like that, and it makes it rather obvious that Trichromatic had a clear objective in mind for this album.

The tracks also appropriately resemble their names, with Sunrise Mystery(#1) being the most high-energy track while Neptune Lovers(#10) is much less so. As for the genres, it’s pretty much just Progressive Trance with some House thrown in at times, so it’s mostly similar to ETHEREAL!. I liked #7, #8 and #9 the best in this album.

As for the best track of the album, for me it would be #9, “Uranus this World”. Its extremely short for a Trance track, but it manages to capture so much emotion with so little. It’s extremely beautiful when it reaches its climax, and its short length just makes it more beautiful.

Sadly, there’s no way to obtain a copy of “Wired”, which is one of the first albums Trichromatic released, alongside “ETHEREAL!”. I also doubt that they will release anew new albums, seeing as Trichromatic‘s home page just has a dump of their soundcloud stuff instead of any proper release information.

The dump is pretty good though, so if you have any interest in Trance music at all I would recommend checking it out.

Perhaps one day they’ll release a new album. Who knows.