B42 has been released, with some minor changes. Hon Gan sword has been replaced by Elsword.

Download: Mediafire

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 4.9 and Model Pack 1.7.


General Bug Fixes:

  • Suika’s Missing Power changed back to Avatar base spell instead of Thunder Clap.
  • Fixed a bug where Tewi’s Vulnerary of Ohnamuji-sama wouldn’t stop counting mana healed when mana was at max, and thus damage for more mana than it should when ended.

Item Balance Changes:

  • Hon Gan Sword has been removed
    Elsword has been added in place of it.
    Increases attackspeed by 40% and damage by 30. When used, grants 40% chance to do a 2.5x critical, and causes all attacks to damage self by 33. 10 second duration, 18 second cooldown.
  • Blood seeker no longer has Purified Vampire Blood’s effect.

Hero Balance Changes:

  • Sakuya’s Luminous Ricochet missle speed increased by 40%.
    Damage changed from 20/40/60/80/100 -> 40/55/70/85/100
  • Koakuma’s Mephisto Orb of Frost stun increased from 2 -> 3.5

A bit late since I was doing some other work for the most of this week.

This version has the new models provided to me by Utopia of the Chinese THDB community. Of note, Rumia and Kaguya’s models have different animations that I don’t really like so I won’t be adding them back into B43’s release.

Other changed models:
Nue’s UFOs
Kanako’s cannons
Komachi’s X
Mitori’s D

If you like the new models and want them to stay in the game please comment below.