GriefSyndrome is a doujin beat-em-up game that was recently released at C80. It features the cast of Puella Magi Madoka Magica as playable characters, and can be played with 3 players at once!

Released at Comicket 80, GriefSyndrome is a doujin game of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a beat-em-up game. GriefSyndrome let you play as one of the Puella Magi appeared in the anime, the order from left and right:

  • Akemi Homura, She use various weapons, mainly Bazooka/Rocket Launcher and a handgun. Her ability is to stop time and time travel, although only time stop make it into the game.
  • Sakura Kyouko, a veteran Puella Magi, she uses a spear and a… barrier made from chain?
  • Kaname Madoka, the main heroines from the series. She uses a powerful bow to attack.
  • Tomoe Mami, she use flinlock rifles, a yellow ribbon, and a big gun for her final attack called Tiro Finale.
  • Sayaka Miki, Madoka’s friend, uses a cutlass as her weapon. Although not shown in the game, she can use multiple amounts of cutlass just like Mami’s rifles.

The game itself is pretty short with only 5 stages (and 1 secret stage), so it takes only about an hour to finish. What makes it interesting is that every time you finish the game, you’ll get the option to “choose from xx lap”. Higher lap means higher attack and higher health of your enemy. They’ll also attack more frequently, but you get more experience points for killing them. Everytime you start a new lap, you’ll get back at level 1.

The game doesn’t have any storyline, but those who’ve watched the anime should know the entire story by now (and how to unlock the secret). The game also comes with unlockable achievements, but so far I only managed to get 3 >_>

Each girls has their own soul limit (Homura is the lowest). Soul limit will always tick down by 1 until you finishes a stage. But it will tick 10x faster when you’re regenerating health. Dying also take a portion of your soul limit, so you’ll need to be careful. If your soul limit reach 0, your character will die regardless of their health. Dead characters can’t be used until you finish that lap (stage 1-5), or exit to the title screen and start again. If all of the characters die, the game ends.

Each girl also has their special abilities available, such as Mami’s Tiro Finale and Homura’s Time Stop. Each ability takes some life to activate, but it also activates your life regeneration, which makes you lose Soul faster in exchange for gaining back some health. Be careful though, if you get hit the life regeneration stops.

Control is pretty simple, 3 attack buttons and 1 button for jump. Each girl has their own moveset with different attack speed, range, and power.

The good:

  • As far as I know, this is the first doujin game of PMMM.
  • Every character has their own strength and weakness, making every characters unique.
  • Increased challenge as you choose higher laps.
  • Cute animations of the girls, and scary animations of the witches, just like in the series.

The bad:

  • Even with her weakness, Madoka is still OP that she can almost one hit kill everything that is not boss (witches). This sometimes make the game feel less challenging (personally, I think using Homura/ Mami in solo play is the biggest challenge).
  • No storyline is presented in the game (although the order of the witch is the same with the series).
  • No online mode, limiting multiplayer to offline.
  • No Kyubey to get beaten up (lol).

Overall: this game is a worth a try, whether you’re a fan of the series or not. Fans will like it because they can play as their favorite girls, and non-fans will still enjoy this simple beat-em-up game.

Score: 8/10