Character Defense 3 is a hero defense map for Warcraft 3. You take the role of various heros/heroines from a bunch of anime series like Fate/Stay Night, Shakugan no Shana, Inuyasha and others to defend an old man while he does… something. Suigintou has been added in this version.

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Download: DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire

There’s some new items and stuff, but I’m not going to translate the patchlog since I’m lazy.

Also, Suigintou was added incase you skipped over the top text.

Translation Errors:

  • Suigintou’s Silver Sword attribute does not actually remove mana cost.
  • Protection Scroll has the korean word for Scroll still there.
  • Tsubaki’s T has some korean
  • Barasuishou’s D is in korean for lvl 10
  • Kaya != Kaaya

If you spot anymore errors please post them in comments and they will be fixed in the next version.