Scarlet Devil Mansion Defence 0.28

A new boss, Nue Houjuu was added. Some new spells, and some other balance changes and stuff like that.

A model pack is required to view allied models. The Complete installer below has both the MAP file and the MODEL PACK.

Complete Download : (USA) / Mediafire


  • Place the map file in your Warcraft 3 Map folder
  • Run the installer file.
    1. Select your language
    2. Select your Warcraft III folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Warcraft III)
  • Congratulations! You now have everything working properly.


  • Hero Spell resistance changed.
  • Difficulty values adjusted.
  • Some waves have been adjusted.
  • A new boss, Nue Houjuu, has been added.
  • Fixed a bug with Iku.
  • Restoration Potion Medium has been adjusted.
  • Secret Medicine “National Legend MAX”‘s P cost reduced.
  • Watching Eye function changed.
  • Fixed a bug with Koakuma’s “Voile, the Magic Library”

Hero Changes:

  • Hakurei Reimu has a new skill, Dream Sign “Duplex Barrier”
  • Patchouli Knowledge’s “Silent Serena” has been adjusted.
  • Remilia Scarlet’s innate skill has been replaced.
  • Remilia Scarlet’s Red the Nightless Castle has been adjusted.
  • Flandre Scarlet’s innate skill has been adjusted.
  • Flandre Scarlet’s “And Then Will There Be None?” has been adjusted.
  • Koakuma’s Blazing Hellfire has been revamped.
MAP ONLY Download : (USA) / Mediafire
MODELS ONLY Download : (USA) / Mediafire