[schwarzwald] per speculum in aenigmate

A very interesting orchestral-style album that tells a story over its’ 10 tracks. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of orchestral/acoustic music. If not, still check it out because of the interesting track names.

This is the first album that I’ve heard from this circle, and I found it quite impressive. Vocals are used quite sparingly, so the main focus is really on the instrumentals for this album. The album also has a nice storytelling-ish atmosphere, and the sense of progression throughout the album is excellent.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of listening to Game/Orchestral style music – there’s a few tracks in this that really sound like they’ve come right out of a game or VN OST. There’s also some pretty terrific ambiance throughout all of the tracks which makes it pretty awesome to listen to as a whole.

Circle Name: schwarzwald
Album Name: per speculum in aenigmate
Website: http://www5.pf-x.net/~schwarzwald/speculum.htm

  1. Funeral Reverie for little Scarlet
    An interesting title. Also sets up the storyline for the album, which is conveyed through both the track titles and original track choices.

    Has a very nice, smooth flow to it and acts nicely as a general introduction. If you’re on the fence on whether or not to get this album, try listening to this track and seeing if you like it – if you do, you’ll like the rest of this album.

  2. Metempsychosis
    The original track title is Reincarnation – you can probably tell what that’s trying to imply. The word itself refers to Reincarnation after death as well.

    This has a much more melancholic feel, which I find very attractive. There’s a few tracks in the album that are more calm in nature, while still retaining a certain Epic feeling. Pretty excellent stuff, and transitions nicely into the next track.

  3. per speculum in aenigmate
    Latin for “in an enigma by means of a mirror”, very interesting track title as usual.

    Once again has a melancholic feel, although this time more so. It sounds almost as if something were trapped in a mirror and trying to escape, very befitting of the track name. I quite enjoyed this track, it’s very ambient-like in its design and very calming.

  4. Vlad III the Impaler
    Named after the person sometimes known as Dracula, this title links strongly with Remilia Scarlet who claims to be from the same bloodline.

    Has a very strong build-up to a very energetic climax – sounds like someone’s terrorizing a village or something, before breaking out into open battle with a hero(ine)! Very interesting track structure as usual, excellent use of “vocals”.

  5. enigma
    Not a terribly interesting title, kind of disappointing. Probably trying to imply that some sort of mystery is going on after the battle – maybe the hero(ine) is trying to figure out where Vlad III came from?

    A slow-ish paced track with excellent build-up towards the middle, excellent usage of the original track as well. Some interesting piano and very interesting use of unconventional sounds, you could say this is an excellent orchestral-style experimental track. Almost sounds as though someone were approaching a bat-infested mansion…

  6. Folklore of the Living Dead
    Something to do with Zombies, I guess. In a way, Vampires could be considered the Living Dead, if you really wanted to push that definition.

    Opens up with something that sounds very much like the hero(ine) entering a certain mansion somewhere. Musically, I find the charms rather aggravating because of the high pitch, but other than that there’s an excellent atmosphere around this track, and the original track’s melody sounds as though it’s coming from a music box that the hero(ine) stumbled upon. Very good job at tying the original into the story.

  7. Vampire illusion
    Another fairly self-explanatory title. If you don’t know what Vampires are, click here.

    Despite what might think, this track isn’t actually based off of either of the Scarlet Sisters’ themes. It’s quite leisurely, as though a certain someone were traveling through a certain mansion to fight a certain boss. You could say this is the music that plays right before the boss-fight, when the two finally meet and talk for a bit before fighting. Very nice job with the theme again.

  8. Four little Scarlet
    Named after a certain spellcard, you can probably guess who that boss is by now.

    Has a very epic boss-fight feel to it, and manages to slip in the original song quite stealthily. Pretty interesting, and has good atmosphere as usual but otherwise it’s pretty much what you would expect from this type of music.

  9. And then there were…
    Another play on one of The Boss’s spellcard names, very good job slipping that in.

    I like the choice of original here – the ending credits theme is very fitting. This totally seems like the music you would play after the end of the boss fight, accompanied by a credits roll of some sort. This even sounds like the case because of the sound of the projector in the background – which shuts off near the end as an extra touch. Extremely good choice of original for this track, and an excellent remix of it as well.

  10. Requiescat in Pace
    This line keeps reminding me of AssCreedII now, since Ezio says it alot. It means “Rest in Peace”, only in Italian!

    So there’s an After-Credits scene?! A sequel for this?! This track uses a very light , angel-like chorus for vocals and even a church organ in the background, which might be fitting in a way but also somewhat ironic – Angels presiding over a Vampire/Devil’s funeral – seems to be a bit contradictory there. Excellent composition of the track, the ending is quite beautiful.

    In a way, some could say the album has come full circle with this – this is a line that you traditionally say at funerals, and what’s the first track name of this album again…

I’m very much interested in amo’s work after hearing this album. It’s one of the few albums that can really successfully tell a story over its length, and it almost feels like this guy should be scoring movies instead of releasing albums like this. Excellent stuff, definitely recommend it to anyone who likes anything at all.