This is a combined installer that has the Sound/Model pack for Touhou Daydream Breaker, as well as the registry fix required to use them. Simply install this and you should be able to hear the music in-game.

Download: Mediafire
If you did not install Warcraft 3 through an installer, you will have to manually direct it to where your Warcraft is, e.g.(C:\Warcraft III), (C:\Windows\System32\Warcraft III).

The torrent should be as fast as if not faster than the DDL(Singapore Server). You should use the torrent if you have difficulties with downloading large files.

Patching from previous versions is impossible, download the full installer.


下載: 下载地址 (美国)

如果你的WC3不是在 C:\Program Files 的话那在安装时需要进入你的WC3地点。

音乐是 5.3

肖像是 1.8