Hatsune Miku Append

If you give an instrument a voice, an identity and a personality, could it not be considered a musician as well? Introducing the World wide phenomenon known as Vocaloid – an instrument with a name and a human appearance that not only sings but is capable of dancing too!(Albeit with the help of another program.)

Hello again after my centuries of inactivity. Today I will be talking about the voice synthesizing program called Vocaloid introducing the popular virtual musicians known as Vocaloid. Only the ones from Crypton Future Media though.
I simply do not have the confidence that I can present all of Vocaloid with my lacking knowledge about the matter myself  so just a brief introduction of what are Vocaloids.

So as most of you would have realized by now, Vocaloids are programs that can be made to sing. Or more accurately Vocaloids are voice banks which are used in the Vocaloid program. It was only in the recent years though that Vocaloids became to be as popular as they are now. And that begun when the first of the second generation Vocaloids ‘Hatsune Miku’ was released.
Was it because of the new and better Vocaloid2 engine? No. If anything it didn’t have anything to do with the engine at all.

Why ‘Hatsune Miku’ is so well received is because she came as a character. Not just another voice bank but a full character with an appearance, name, personality voice and what not that makes her more realistic. Just like an existing living human.

Hatsune Miku. As the World’s first virtual/Vocaloid diva, her birth created many possibilities.
Song writers with couldn’t sing nor had anyone to sing their songs could now work personally with a beautiful singer.
And more than anything, Hatsune Miku is not a single person. Be it a selfish princess, a high school student or malfunctioning program, She can become anyone at the command of one’s whims/creativity. Her voice belongs to everyone(who uses her of course)and will sing any song be it a gentle one, a violent one or even a bad song.

Normally a synthesizing software would be considered a success if it even sold a thousand copies but due to the reasons above(maybe not), forty thousand(Sixty thousand units later on) units of Hatsune Miku was sold just in the year she was released.

Naturally with the efforts of such a large amount of users with differing ideas of how she should be massing up together, Hatsune Miku became well known throughout the World and rose to a similar standing as real living musicians.
Previously impossible ideas like holding a concert for a machine is now being held frequently for her and the other Vocaloids.

Of course there are still people who regard her just as mere auto tune or not real music as she isn’t real and hence reject her music with extreme prejudice. But of course this is not the article for it so let’s skip it.

I have no idea what I’m going to talk about now so let’s introduce the more or less well known Vocaloids.
And so these are the Vocaloids from Crypton.(No one knows Vocaloids from anywhere else anyway.)

1. Hatsune Miku

The one who started the ball rolling as mentioned above.
Generally portrayed as a energetic and cheerful person.
Age: 16
Her character item is a leek/spring onion. Yes a leek/spring onion. For no reason at all I’m sure.
Well her achievements are quite numerous so just to list a few, She had cars designed based on her, three plates of the Venus Space explorer Akatsuki  depicting her and was nearly used for political reasons if not for Crypton’s refusal.
She’s the first second generation Vocaloid if you haven’t already realized.
One of the two current Vocaloids that have an Append upgrade.
Here’s a song sung by her that I find rather impressive.
Alternative try this.

2. Kagamine Rin/Len

Demands for a male voice resulted in the birth of this pair of mirror entities(or twins whichever you prefer).
Coming from the same voice provider yet manages to have distinctive different male and female voices.
The Kagamines are the second of the second generation who up till now remains the only Vocaloid(s?) to have two voice banks of a different gender from each other.
Len is the first male of the Vocaloid 2 era and the first male to be able to hit high notes.
Age: 14 for both
Their character items are: Roadroller & Oranges for Rin and Roadroller & Banana for Len.
They are generally used for tragic songs despite Rin being a energetic and cheerful tomboy and Len a pleasant child who follows his otherself/sister in her trouble causing.
They are also one of the two Vocaloids who currently have an Append upgrade.

Kagamine Rin/Len Append

Here’s a really awesome song from Rin.
And this is from Len.
Lastly one sung by both of them together. It really greatly enhances the music.
*Just saying but if you are even slightly interested in them, go and watch/listen to the entire Story of Evil by the Kagamines.*

3. Megurine Luka

The third one in the second generation of Vocaloid.
Luka is capable of speaking English as well as her original Japanese language.
This ability is one of her greatest appeal to western users to bridge the two languages together.
Age: 20
Her character item is a Frozen Tuna and there’s a mini octopus like thing that looks like her head called tako luka.
An Append upgrade is due for her after upgrades are finished for Meiko.
I don’t listen to her much so here’s a badly chosen track of my beloved image board.
Or alternately this.

-1. Meiko

Unlike the others, Meiko and Kaito are from the first generation of Vocaloid.
She is the first Vocaloid to be released with character art whose success then influenced the development of Kaito and eventually Hatsune Miku.
She has an officially accepted alternate named ‘Meiko Sakine’ that sounds like Meiko when she was younger.
Age: ??/16 for Sakine
Character item: Sake.
An Append upgrade is underway for her at the moment.
Probably not a good introduction track but here anyway.


Similar to Meiko, Kaito is from the first generation of Vocaloid.
Released two years after Meiko, he initially failed in sales but not just recovered but chased after the more popular Vocaloids like Hatsune Miku despite being an old product.
He is the first male Japanese Vocaloid and the first male Vocaloid to have character art.
Age: ??
Character item: Ice cream.
Kaito is last Vocaloid listed here to get an Append upgrade.
And here is a song sung by him.


I did not include Akita Neru, Yowane Haku and Hachune Miku because I am really sleepy right now and I wish for this article to get up as soon as possible they don’t have a voice of their own.
I might edit this article and include them later on so wait warmly while I return to a comatose state.
EDIT: Just google them up. I don’t feel like adding on to an article that I already finished.

And so with this I’ll end my week long due to procrastination article. See you guys not so really soon again.

P.S: There’s an upcoming Vocaloid concert during Anime Festival Asia 2011 in Singapore on 11/11/11. So if you like what you see and hear here, do consider attending it.