Touhou Daydream Breaker B52Fix5

A non-cybeast version, how sad.

Download: Mediafire

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 5.5 and Model Pack 1.9.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Activating Nue’s Heian Nightmare now deactivates Dr. Dantroll.
  • Fixed a bug where Miyako’s Poison Raze could cause instant death.
  • Suwako’s Red Frog in Year 4 of Houei is now affected by rain.
  • Fixed some text errors with Keine’s Three Sacred Treasures.
  • Fixed some text errors with Aki’s Owotoshi Harvester.
  • Fixed some text errors with Parsee’s Green-Eyed Monster
  • Fixed a text error with Lunasa.
  • Fixed a text error with Toyosatomimi’s Honors of 12 levels.

Hero Balance Changes:

  • Nue’s Heian Nightmare stun duration reduced to 0.01 when mastered.
  • Byakuren’s Superhuman now has increased value for Maelstrom’s mastery.
  • Fujiwara no Mokou’s Phoenix Tail has been replaced with Ihakasa’s Moon Curse.
    • Causes a target in the area of effect to receive extra damage.
  • Kogasa Tatara’s Over The Rainbow mana cost has been reduced.
  • Seiga Kaku’s TAO Fetal Movement ~Dao~ activation time reduced and damage increased.
  • Mami’s Wild Carpet duration reduced and animals increased.

Item Changes:

  • Hexcalibur’s width and speed has been reduced.
  • Spear of Longinus spell damage has been increased.

Other Changes:

  • Shou’s Hungry Tiger has a new icon and sound.
  • A new sound effect has been added for Murasa.
  • A new sound effect has been added for Momiji.
  • Fixed some incorrect description on the map.
  • Pure damage no longer ignores invincibility.
  • Pure damage can now be blocked by Mana Shield.
  • Incubators of empty slots will be removed at start.
  • You can no longer insert items into other player’s incubators(Unless they have left).