A short, electronic-focused disc from Forest306, featuring mostly guest arrangers.

So as it turns out I’m quite mistaken about Foest306. They do in fact produce a fair amount of acoustic, and in fact have released one such album, navigation il mare, at C80. That’s not the only thing they do though, as evidenced by this album right here. From what I’ve seen so far it seems that they’re quite fond of having guest arrangers too, which is fine by me I guess.

This time it’s another rather short album with only 4 tracks, but I’m a fan of “short but sweet” so that’s OK.

Circle Name: Forest306
Album Name: Another Orbit
Website: http://forest306.com/orbit/

  1. だ – Jupiter cappuccino remix
    Nice and deep sound on the drum, with a standard house beat to it. I like the original track, Satellite Café Terrace, and I’m quite fond of the way it’s arranged here. Definitely worth listening to for the break-out near the middle, excellent track. My personal favourite of the album.
  2. LEA – HardSync Automation
    More energetic than the previous, this ventures more into trance/techno territory rather than just being a light house track. Haven’t heard of this arranger before, but he’s not bad at all. Quite decent, actually. It’s a bit too repetitive for my liking though, and got me a bit bored towards the end.
  3. マンダリン – astromeridian
    Interesting, funky beat right at the start. Somewhat interesting track, was better than I would have expected for an arranger that I didn’t know about. Quite an original arrangement of Greenwich in the Sky, would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t hate electronic music. And if you hate electronic music, I have no idea why you’re reading this.
  4. redwing – What did you blend in this tea
    Bonus points for a weird title. That said, I didn’t really like this track. It’s very much rushed in development, with things happening far more quickly than they should, and it’s just weird overall because of that. It would have been decent if it was a 7 or 10 minute track, but at 4:48 it’s way too rushed and sounds rather confusing because of that.

Apparently Forest306 is a fairly famous circle or something that everyone should know about, but I’m all like yeaaah I don’t know about this circle and it’s just another random circle so I’ll just be ignorant about it over here.

On a more serious note, I think they should stick to making acoustic stuff, they’re not very good at the whole electronic thing.