Your favourite virtual diva in your galge now!

Well this was supposed to be up many moons ago but I thought introducing Vocaloid first would be a wise move.
Though I got lazy after that article and hence this being here now.
Will be a rather short article considering the time and I need to wake up by a certain time tomorrow.
So lets being shall we.

The subject today is an extremely short visual novel that stars Hatsune Miku in a simple love story.
It is a freeware if I’m not wrong. Not that it matters.
The title is Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni. Most probably what it says on the screenshot.
(‘To you of the future , I give every song’ for those that can’t find it somehow. Somewhat named after what Miku is named as I guess. Future and sound.)

Frankly speaking there really isn’t anything deep or special about Mirai no Kimi.
Heck it’s probably just a good as the next short novel you find while browsing.
The only reason why I’m recommending this is because it’s Vocaloid somewhat.
I do remember that there is a message of some sort to the reader though. Not sure if it held any enlightenment value though.

The plot is linear with as little as two characters in the entire story.
(Two is the minimum number of people required to create a universe you see.)
The parts required of a tale are still there though, a problem, a climax and a conclusion.(Albeit the open ended.)
The settings of these two tales are the same.
You are someone who loves music to death and is good enough in it to write songs.
(Because a Vocaloid wouldn’t have anything to do with someone who doesn’t like music you see.)
Oh right and robots are invented in this universe so Vocaloids exist as physical entities that are sentient.

Obligatory image to keep the wall of text from being too much of an wall.

I won’t even give a synopsis due to the length of this piece.
It lasts about five hours if you read it at a really leisure pace and have a constant urge to pace around for no reason at all.
Surprisingly though, it’s really quite enjoyable of a read.

Sounds in it are pretty much the standard.
BGMs that won’t be noticed and only one(or was it two?)sound tracks by the Miku herself.
Only one was used in the story if I’m not wrong.
No sound mode available.

Character…Well there’s you a guy that’s probably not named, I can’t remember. You have no face so it doesn’t matter!
And there’s Hatsune Miku. Completed with a tsundere personality inbuilt. Here’s your insufferable princess.
Only two people but somehow works really well.

Which brings us to the sequel of some sorts,

Why doesn't Rin get to have the title screen for herself?

Title is Rin ga uta, Mirai no Neiro.
Something along the lines of Rin’s Song, sound of the future…again.

In this not so awaited sequel(I don’t have to wait since I took forever to find the first one), there are three parts to it.
The main chunk is the tale of Kagamine Rin without her ever present counterpart Len because there is no need for males in Galges.
And as popular as she is, Miku has an extension of her story here. . . as well as an epilogue of the extension inside the gallery which are the second and third parts of this Visual Novel.

Just saying but what little that is written here will be only about Rin’s portion.

The same as it’s prequel. There is no(probably) deep story line or any life lessons in this work.
Setting as said above with you being a different music enthusiast so you don’t end up as a harem lead.
(And so they can recycle the story with different characters.)

Actually forget it. It’s the same as above except new sound tracks.
Oh wait there’s three characters in this story! With one only appearing in two scenes yup.
An ending without much logic but well it’s a short novel so cut it some slack.

Kagamine Rin. Somewhat true to popular fanon, she is a written as a cheeky brat.
And you being the faceless void you are, am a much more respectable and capable person than the protagonist in Mirai no Kimi.

I did it above so here's another colorful image.

And so with this I have finished wasting our time.
Not much sense in writing something long about something this short.
The time you spent reading anything else other than the titles could have been spent on reading it or doing something productive like signing up to write for Midnight Insomnia so it’ll become far more interesting with various fields of interest!

See you around then. Stay alive.
~Master of the Eden of Sinner.

P.S: Just in case.
Every single Visual Novel I bring up here is translated.
I haven’t learnt to read moonrunes myself so yeah.