[Foxtail-Grass Studio] Remember C -summer-

A somewhat short acoustic album that I found quite interesting. Has a very light sound to it, and sounds very much like nature. Perfect for balancing out all of those fancy new-age electronic musiks that them kids are so fond of. Damned hipsters!

This is the first album I’ve heard from this circle, and it’s very good stuff indeed. This appears to be some kind of series, seeing as there’s also a -spring- and an -autumn- that were released. Haven’t listened to them though, so I’ll be judging this album on its own merit and nothing more than that. I’m pretty sure how these reviews are suppoused to work anyway.

Needless to say, if you don’t like very light, acoustic music then you won’t like this album at all. Soft, light piano is the main focus of the album, and there’s samples of summer sounds like crickets chirping and even some rain sounds. Overall, it makes for a very atmospheric album that befits the title of -summer-.

Circle Name: Foxtail-Grass Studio
Album Name: Remember C -summer-
Website: http://f-g-s.sakura.ne.jp/fgst0003/

  1. ハム – アサガオ
    (Morning Glory)
    A bit too ordinary sounding for my tastes, but I suppouse it functions fine as an introductory track.
  2. ハム – 日陰と帽子と風鈴と
    (Shade and Hats and Wind Chimes)
    Has a very interesting ambiance to the track, with samples of crickets and wind chimes. I can almost feel the scorching sun on my back, although since I live in Singapore that happens all the time. Has some nice development throughout, switching from piano to guitar for different portions of the melody. Quite relaxing stuff, very nice.
  3. ハム – 氷だらけのアイスコーヒー
    (Ice-filled Coffee)
    Once again, pretty suitable summer-ish samples, this time of ice cubes tinkling nicely into a glass. Good job there. As for the music, the best way to describe it would probably to say that it’s a bit like the feeling that you get from a Summer Vacation – it’s very excited and everything is bright and cheery. Positively brimming with sunshine, in fact. Not bad at all.
  4. ハム – 雨のにおいに誘われて
    (The scent of rain)
    Quite a disappointing sample this time, the rainfall doesn’t seem very realistic and sounds very artificial. Made up for nicely by the music though, it almost sounds like it’s being caused by small drops of rain and overall builds up a very dusk-like atmosphere to it. The rain is here, it’s raining and the sky is gray, but everything’s fine – we’re just resting for a while. Suitable ending for this album, definitely my favourite track of the album.

Definitely one of the most interesting acoustic albums I’ve heard in a long time, and quite pleasingly they’ve neglected to brand it as “Unplugged”. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this circle fo’ shure, and I’m definitely interested in checking out some of their other work.

When I have time. (Which will be never.)