A very soft and fluffy album featuring plenty of delicate sounds and an overall rain-like theme. A rather recent release, and one of the albums I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

RUN GIRLS RUN is a circle consisting solely of Chie Fukami, who does vocals, piano and composing. She does sometimes get other people help to arrange/compose songs for her, and she often appears on other people’s albums as well, which is nice. I didn’t like her at first, but now I’m quite fond of her voice. She sounds very different and alot more emotional than most other singers I’ve heard – I think I would only prefer Yanagi over Chie now.

Her composition style is also quite interesting. Being a pianist, most if not all of her songs feature a piano in one way or another, but she also uses other interesting instruments and sounds, such as what I’m guessing is a xylophone at times, as well as the ever-famously-awesome wind chimes.

It kind of reminds of me of triangles.

Circle Name: RUN GIRLS RUN
Album Name: さよならさみしいおんなのこ
Website: http://rgr.raindrop.jp/sso/

  1. 深水チエ – exit
    A pleasant introduction to the album that builds up nicely. Mostly serves as an introductory track, so not much to comment about. Demonstrates the style of the album quite well though.
  2. 深水チエ – さみしいおんなのこ
    Quite a cheerful song, which is not quite what I would normally expect from this circle. Works out pretty well though, very nice and soft and alot of interesting stuff going on. It’s not exactly stellar though.
  3. 深水チエ – トリックスター
    Probably my favourite track of the album, has a very interesting recurring theme of phone calls and conversations. Someone commented to me that it was quite pop-like, which I guess is an accurate description. It’s much more experiment-y than the usual pop stuff though, which makes this Not Pop and therefore also Not Suck. I quite like this track, the vocals area very interesting.
  4. 深水チエ – 鼓動と落下
    Another song that I wouldn’t really expect, this one relies alot more heavily on the vocals than the previous few songs we’ve had. It works out quite well though, and makes for a very song that’s energetic while still being quite moody and subdued. Quite good.
  5. 深水チエ – le chocolat et les cigarettes
    Suddenly, french title. A nice lighthearted song that balances out the previous moodiness with something that’s very, very random. The progression reminds me a bit of nursery rhymes of lullabies, overall a very soothing and gentle song. La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.
  6. 深水チエ – loop
    A suggestive title. One of the moodier tracks of the album – very soft and relaxing overall with somewhat dark vocals, but not in a way that’s bad or anything, okay. It’s kind of sad overall, since it’s a song about saying goodbye, but at the same time it’s extremely relaxing and pleasant. Apart from the way it blends into the first track, which is more confusing than interesting, I quite like this one.

Quite an interesting circle, this. I wasn’t expecting something quite like this when I started listening to this album, since the only album I’d previously heard was one where gray featured as the composer, which made for a much more experimental/ambient/electronic focus.

I like this style though, it’s very soothing and almost iyashikei-like.