Badcats +02

Not actually the second, but the third of a line of DJ event things! Once again there’s an exciting lineup of DJs from various circles, such as Alstroemeria Records, REDALiCE, CYTOKINE, Syrufit! Pinkymurakami and Nhato will also be participating, so that’s awesome too. This is going to be happening next Saturday (3rd December) at 2PM JST.

Sadly, it seems that there won’t be a stream of the event this time, so you can ignore any mention of live streaming in this post.

Badcats refers to the collaboration of from Syrufit(actually calls himself Syrufit now), and LinJin from CYTOKINE. They do a bunch of DJ events around Japan, and also host their own private parties. If you’re wondering how they came about, refer to this old Sakenomi stream. They’re pretty much all Nakamas even back then in January, so forming a duo was quite natural.

The VJs are TATSDESIGN and HDLV, both of whom do web designs for Syrufit/Alstroemeria/ALiCE, so how that came about is fairly obvious too. HDLV has produced a few 3D videos, which are fairly interesting. Here’s one for Syrufit’s wheel:

Pretty cool.

I’ll post again once the event goes live, but just incase I forget the livestream link should be at

More information in moonspeak can be found on the website:

Sadly, this time there’s no Ayakura Mei and mican*, which was my favourite part of +01. If you’re interested in viewing the recordings of +01, you can download them here.

Meanwhile, have a look at this video of Badcats performing at some event earlier this month: