The second release of Mini Battles, with more changes than you can imagine.

Download: DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire / Puush


– Fixed a bug with random where you could get 2 of the same heros in the same game.
– Reinforced map boundries; Most projectiles should not exit the map now.
– Added 30 seconds to the initial Timed Battle duration.
– Cleaned up some structs that were unused if transformational-type ultimates did not activate.
– Knockout Text and other text now appears immediately.
– God Help invunerability duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.

– Aruthria the Knight of Assyria has joined the battle.

– Legendary Warrior’s Triumphant Energy Blades icon has been changed to one with active borders.
– Legendary Warrior’s Instinct now takes prority over Exiled.
– Legendary Warrior’s Instinct text now displays over the Legendary Warrior instead of the attacker.
– Fixed a glitch where Mythical Warrior would have Energy Blades after reverting back from Legendary Warrior form.
– Fixed a bug with Mythical Warrior’s Ultimate where he would not transform.

– Forgotten King’s King’s Wrath spell now creates fewer images. The number of images was creating lag. The effect remains unchanged.
– Forgotten King’s Heirloom Dagger’s Knockout duration decreased from 5 to 4 seconds.
– Forgotten King’s Recklessness has been replaced with a new spell, Dust Attack. (I’m sorry for the name……)
– Forgotten King’s Circle of Ascension now states its range correctly.
– Fixed a bug where Forgotten King could still move around after being Knocked out.
– When inflicting knockout with Forgotten King’s Heirloom Dagger will display “SHIELD BREAKER” instead of the standard knockout text.

– Moonlight Hunter’s Daedalus Shield fixed. It now defends properly against attacks.
– The number of projectiles Moonlight Hunter’s Shadow of the Moon shoots out has been decreased from 15 to 6.
– Moonlight Hunter’s Moonlit Wilderness animation now clears up properly.
– Moonlight Hunter’s Firefly Web hotkey changed from Q to D.

– Unholy Mage’s Blast Zone Area of Effect reduced from 600 to 400.
– Unholy Mage’s Blast Zone countdown reduced from 5 to 3.
– Unholy Mage’s Blast Zone cooldown reduced from 16 to 9.
– Unholy Mage’s Soul Shard spell has been replaced with a new spell, Soul Stream.
– Unholy Mage’s Unholy Pinwheel’s animation changed to be more visible.
– Unholy Mage’s Unholy Pinwheel’s icon has been changed.
– Unholy Mage’s Catalysis will be removed when the player leaves.
– Unholy Mage’s Catalysis cast ranged increased from 500 to 700.
– Unholy Mage’s Consuming Flames AOE reduced from 200 to 175.
– When inflicting knockout with Unholy Mage’s Curse of the Warlock will display “Curse of the Warlock” instead of the standard knockout text.

– Master of Sagacity’s Glacier of Astuteness counter is now hidden when the unit is knocked out.
– Master of Sagacity’s Denizen’s Acumen of Flame AOE has been decreased.
– Master of Sagacity’s Denizen’s Acumen of Flame duration has been tweaked.
– Master of Sagacity’s Denizen’s Acumen of Flame cooldown has been decreased.
– Master of Sagacity’s Denizen’s Acumen of Flame range has been increased.
– Master of Sagacity’s Unlimited Turtle Works duration increased from 30 to 45 seconds.

– Frostbone’s Freezing Plateau spawns 8 Orbs instead of 12.

– Shadowling’s Shadow Nova now spawns 6 pulses instead of 15, and mana steal per pulse increased from 2 to 5. (Overall gain is still the same)
– Shadowling’s Shadow Nova projectile motion changed to make it easier to aim.
– Shadowling’s Shadow Nova cast range decreased from 750 to 500.
– Shadowling’s Refraction Duration decreased from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
– Shadowling’s Refraction cooldown decreased from 9 to 5 seconds.

– Pirate of the Black Sea has been remade.
– Old skills: Water’s Surface – Reflection, Tidal Strike (old), Triangulation (old), Surface Tension’s Bubble, Action Reaction (old), White Pearl
– New skills: Warpmark, Tidal Strike, Triangulation, Refresh, Action Reaction, White Pearl (unchanged)
– Pirate of the Black Sea’s White Pearl’s Capsize icon changed to one without autocast borders
– Pirate of the Black Sea’s White Pearl mana cost increased from 70 to 90

Soundpack Download: DDL (Singapore Server) / Mediafire / Puush