It’s been a long year, thanks for all your support!

I usually don’t make non-content posts, but I think it would be nice to have a yearly exception where I just post for the sake of posting, and try to explain what it is I’m planning to do with Midnight Insomnia.

Midnight Insomnia has been around for slightly more than a year now, and the aim that I had in mind for it has changed over the course of that year. Originally I planned to actively cover various gaming or Japanese Doujin related things, but as time went on it became obvious that most of the visitors are here for our Warcraft III content – Scarlet Devil Mansion Defence is undoubtedly the most popular thing on here at the moment.

Warcraft 3 content is also on of the things I’m most comfortable producing – translating a map is a simple process that just needs plenty of time, and producing my own map feels very natural to me since I’ve been doing that for years. As such, we’ve had a wealth of Warcraft 3 stuff, and it’s very likely that we will keep having lots of Warcraft 3 stuff in the future.

I’m going to keep writing Album Reviews though – I don’t care if no one wants to read them, they’re fun for me to write and they’re more or less just recommendations most of the time. It’s also nice to have non-Warcraft stuff, and album reviews provide a steady stream of writing.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll notice that the frequency of posts has gradually decreased over time.

Initially I planned to write something new every day, which would be very interesting and good and cool and awesome for all of our lovely readers, but it turned out to be too taxing for me, especially since I have to keep up with translating assorted maps and working on my own projects at the same time. As such, it’s become more or less weekly updates, which is quite disappointing to me.

Ideally we would return to a schedule where something gets written and posted every other day, but since I’m not working on Midnight Insomnia full-time that’s not going to happen unless more people join our writing crew (Which really, is just me at the moment). I don’t believe that we’re going to have any new writers coming in in the future though, so that’s a shame.

To wrap up, I have some questions for everyone!

Why do you visit us? Personally, I wouldn’t be very thrilled to find that a site is updated only once a week, that’s rather lame.

What do you want to see more of? I’ve got a rough ideas from viewcounts as to what people are coming here for, but more importantly, what do people who come here often and care enough to read this post want?

Do you like sugar? I hear questionnaires are more effective if there are 3 questions.