Happy New Year!

Download: DDL(Singapore Server) / Mediafire / puush

This version of the map uses Sound Pack 5.7 and Model Pack 2.0.

Patchlog translated by Cybeast:
General Bug Fixes

  • HP no longer fluctuates up and down
  • Fixed a bug with Yuyuko’s Lost Soul Village
  • Fixed a bug where Yuyuko’s Entry Pass to the Ageless Country trigger time was 8 instead of 7 seconds
  • Fixed a problem with Shikieiki’s assist

Hero Balance Changes

  • Momiji’s Rabies Bite is now physical damage
  • Momiji’s Rabies Bite damage now is 55/110/165/220/275 and 4/8/12/16/20% of the target’s strength
  • Momiji’s Rabies Bite cooldown has been increased from 12/09 -> 14/10 seco
  • Kogasa’s One Legged Return Hit cooldown has been reduced from 65/55/45/35/80 -> 30/26/22/18/75 seconds
  • Ran Yakumo’s Banquet of 12 General Gods cooldown has been increased from 13 -> 15 seconds
  • Ran Yakumo’s Charming Siege from All Sides cooldown has been reduced from 11 -> 9 seconds
  • Satori’s Hynotic Fear cooldown has been reduced from 17/16/15/14/8 -> 14/13/12/11/6
  • Yuka’s Great Forest health regeneration now affects allies in 420 range when mastered
  • Youmu’s Heaven’s Sword effect has been changed.
  • Youmu regenerates 10/15/20/25/30 health with every attack, and adds 15/30/45/60/75 pure damage to each attack. Also gives Youmu a chance to do 3x damage when attacking. 15 second cooldown.
  • Yuyuko’s Gluttony has been replaced with Netherworld Mysterious Spot.
  • Marks the center of your screen, and 1 second later does 60 damage in 250 AoE to all enemies in that spot. Upgrade adds INT to damage.

Item Changes

  • Undead Law’s recipe price has been increased by 100
  • Lizberne’s evasion rate reduced from 10 -> 6%
  • Lizberne’s recipe cost reduced to 100 gold

Other Changes

  • Barracks now have true sight
  • Fixed a problem with Guardian’s Robe damage to mana
  • Infinity mode has been added (ul mode) – removes experience gain reduction on level 15.