[Syrufit x Pizuya's Cell] 君の歌と僕の小さな恋

For a change, here’s a rather lovely un-electronic album by both Syrufit and Pizuya’s Cell. Featuring plenty of soft, soothing piano and a nice range of vocals, this is definitely worth a look.

It’s quite surprising to see Syrufit involved in something that’s distinctively not electronic, but this isn’t strictly acoustic music either. It’s a very pleasant combination of soft, rock/pop-ish elements and some very smooth and classy piano. One of the more interesting albums that’s come out in a while, for sure.

I don’t really know much about Pizuya’s Cell, but it seems like they’re pretty cool and all. Apart from featuring the usual Tsubaki and Ayakura Mei, who seems to be everywhere these days, a new-ish vocalist called 茶太 (Chata) is also providing vocals. I like her voice alot, she seems to be very good at singing soft, emotional songs and I look forward to seeing her featured on other albums as well.

Apart from Syrufit, Poplica and Pizuya, there’s also guest tracks by 鯛の小骨(Azure&Sands) and 隣人(ZYTOKINE), both of whom are excellent arrangers. Most of these are better-known for electronic works, so it’s quite surprising how this album turned out.

Pizuya's Cell

Picture unrelated, but from Pizuya's twitter.

Circle Name: Syrufit, Pizuya’s Cell
Album Name: 君の歌と僕の小さな恋
Website: http://pizuya.com/scpc-0001/

  1. Syrufit/Poplica* – 君の歌と僕の小さな恋
    Rather surprisingly, this is a very calming piano-focused original track. Very relaxing and wonderful, this is the perfect way to start off the album and it sets the tone for the upcoming track nicely.
  2. 茶太 – 星屑
    Another very calming track, this time featuring Chata on vocals. She’s pretty good at doing soft vocals, and I’ve grown to like her after listening to this album. The track itself is arranged by Syrufit/Poplica*, and it’s quite interesting to hear them creating something that’s very much pop/rock-ish in nature. It reminds me a little bit of Nephilim from Love=ALL, excellent stuff.

  3. 綾倉盟 – 不思議の国の…
    A much sadder song than the previous, fitting for the original track. Ayakura does an okay-ish job for the vocals in this track, but it seems like she did better in Avidya and KILLED DANCEHALL then over here. This track is arranged by pizuya, and he does a decent job of it, though it’s a pity that the instrumentals and vocals don’t really suit each other. Would be better otherwise.
  4. 綾倉盟 – 霍雨
    Another Ayakura track, and this time it seems like the vocals are much better. The instrumentals are also much better aligned with the vocals this time, thanks to an excellent arrangement by 鯛の小骨 from Azure&Sands. I liked the slight oriental touch, it fits the classical edge that most of the track has. Pretty good, pretty good.

  5. 綾倉盟 – 焦堕
    Starts off with a rather jazzy introduction, which caught my interest right from the start. Pleasingly, Ayakura did an excellent job for the vocals on this track as well, and the arrangement by Syrufit/Poplica* is excellent as always. It almost seems like Ayakura just fits better with Syrufit/Poplica*, and the result is an excellent track with some lovely muted guitar and lots of smooth piano. Would love to hear this on an elevator or in a lounge, excellent track.
  6. 茶太 – Felicitas
    One again, another soft emotional song for Chata, and it suits her well! It’s arranged by pizuya this time, and apart from a slight hiccup when introducing the drum (0:44) it’s pretty good all-round. I’m most fond of the guitar in this track, it does an excellent job of backing up Chata’s vocals. Most of the other elements are pretty well done as well, and the chorus is excellent so this is a pretty good track.

  7. 綾倉盟 – visions of love
    Very distinctly ZYTOKINE in style, this track is arranged by LinJin and is quite similar in structure to his previous works, with plenty of background synths and a strong bass element. Ayakura does a serviceable job on the vocals, but I feel like this would have been better in the hands of someone like Sakaue Nachi or mican*. The build-up for this track also goes on for the longest time, and doesn’t really payoff so that’s a bit disappointing. Not bad though.
  8. 市松椿 – 途切れた赤い糸
    The first track featuring Tsubaki on the vocals, it starts off sounding like a ballad but quickly transitions into a very epic orchestral piece. Pizuya definitely seems to be much more in his element composing orchestra and classical pieces, and does a very excellent job with the arrangement for this. Everything seems to come in at just the right timing, and the vocals complement the instrumentals without detracting from the piece like it did in #3. Good job.

  9. 市松椿 – シンパシー
    Quite an interesting track, this. It’s arranged by Syrufit/Poplica* once again, and features a harmonious blend of piano with a very interesting synthesizer. The highlight is definitely Tsubaki’s vocals in this one though, which are of course wonderful. It’s almost a bit like a pop song, but the instrumentals are still a pretty big player so I wouldn’t go so far as to call it that. Definitely pretty interesting, although it’s a bit too short in my opinion.
  10. Syrufit/Poplica* – 星屑 -piano ballad-
    Another original track by the duo, and it’s a piano ballad! I’m quite fond of this one, it’s very relaxing in nature and definitely very unplugged. Love it, would love to see more of this type of music from Syrufit/Poplica*. Definitely good stuff, and an excellent outro for the album.

Okay, so it might not have been completely un-electronic, but it was still pretty good, right? It’s not like one can really escape from electronic instruments these days anyway, and the few electronic elements present in the album serve only to enhance it.

Still, I’m very pleased with this album as well. It’s not something that I’d usually listen to, since it’s all soft and fluffy and relaxing and rainbows and stuff like that, but it’s definitely very interesting and it’s definitely worth listening to at least once, if only to appreciate how good this type of music can be.

I rather liked Azure&Sands’ track in particular for this album, although ZYTOKINE’s one would have been pretty good if he didn’t constantly tease with that build-up.

The main focus is definitely Pizuya’s and Syrufit/Poplica’s tracks, though. They’re just so much more in cohesion with the rest of the album, and it’s so interesting to see people who usually arrange electronic music produce this type of orchestral, classical-esque music.

If you want to pick up this album, it’s available on Rakuten which has an English portal! Yaaaay.