The Pursuit of Happiness – A very sweet and short album from Shibayan Records, with plenty of relaxing lounge/jazz-style music. Definitely not something you would expect Shibayan Records to produce, but here it is!

This album is somewhat similar to Shibayan’s much older works, in that it features plenty of guest arrangers rather than having Shibayan do all the arrangement himself. Apart from that though, the musical style is definitely quite different from what you would expect – plenty of light, happy sounding music and nary an electronic instrument in sight.

Needless to say, if you were attracted by the name Shibayan Records and expected some more of that lovely electronic house stuff, you can excuse yourself now. This is definitely not that.

Of the four tracks in this album, only half of them are arranged by Shibayan and the remainder are arranged by だ from Forest306, and tak from 10th Avenue Cafe. I’ve liked Forest306’s works so far, but this would be the first time I’m encountering 10th Avenue Cafe’s work.

Hello, I am a cat from Shibayan's Twitter.

Circle Name: ShibayanRecords
Album Name: À procura de felicidade

  1. 深水チエ – レテとふたりのわるいこと

    The first track arranged by Shibayan, featuring the always lovely Chie Fukami on lyrics/vocals. I always enjoy her work, she has a very pleasant voice and writes the most excellent lyrics too. Shibayan’s arrangement is quite fitting for her voice, with a very light feel throughout while maintaining a fairly high tempo – my personal favourite of the album.

  2. だ – meu querido

    Definitely quite reminiscent of Forest306’s previous work, featuring soft guitar and flutes and a very slow tempo – one of the slowest and most relaxing songs of the album. It’s a pity that there weren’t vocals included in this though, I think this would be a perfect fit for vocals. Always should have vocals for Locked Girl arranges.

  3. Shibayan – campo de girassol

    Even when he’s not producing electronic music, Shibayan’s style is pretty good! This track is once again very soft and fluffy and lovely and all the other words that you use to describe light-sounding music, almost kind of jazzy as well. It’s a bit cheesy in my opinion, but that’s a personal preference thing. Also, ending with a fade-out is cheap.

  4. tak – Heart Strings
    Hmm, this arrangement is kind of similar to Shibayan’s ones, very well executed with a consistent tempo throughout and plenty of development as the track progresses. By this point though, the cheesiness of the drum loops is through the roof and that damages my opinion of this track. It’s not necessarily bad though, just would have liked something more new and radical by now – getting a bit sick of the same old same old.

Well, that’s a wrap then! Not particularly impressed with this album, but it was certainly interesting to hear what Shibayan has been up to. It’s not bad, but I would prefer if Shibayan stuck to making electronic stuff – he’s way better at that and it’s definitely what I want to hear when I listen to a Shibayan album.

I would love it if Alstroemeria Records released a folk album though, that would be hilarious.

If you wish to purchase this album, you can buy it from White Canvas.