Better late than never, right? The past month I’ve been searching for more gems from C81 to review, while also taking the time to review a few older releases that I’ve been putting off for quite a bit.

Once again, most of the albums reviewed this month were electronic albums. I get the feeling that this is going to be a recurring trend at this point unless someone recommends absolutely fantastic acoustic albums to me, since I’m not going out of my way to search for that.

  1. (C80) [Camphor] Malignant”X”
    Malignant X

    I’m definitely very strongly in favour of this album. There’s just something special about it that stands out remarkably to me, something that I can’t really find in any other circle’s work. Sadly, this style of music won’t be popular with most people, since there aren’t any vocals. And everyone knows, you can’t be popular without vocals!

    For me, the highlight of this album is definitely Diver, which is a fantastically loopable song. It’s so relaxing that I don’t mind looping it over and over for days at a time, simply fantastic stuff.

  2. (C81) [ShibayanRecords] À procura de felicidade
    À procura de felicidade

    Hmm, this was a very strange album. While it’s fine once in a while, I don’t really like this style of music on a constant basis, so I can’t really say I like this very much. It’s interesting solely for the fact that Shibayan released it though, very different from his usual stuff.

    As for the highlight of this album, it would definitely be the first track, レテとふたりのわるいこと. Chie Fukami’s vocals are always pretty amazing to listen to, and this song is no exception. I always enjoy her work with Shibayan, although sadly this isn’t a genre I prefer.

  3. (C77) [KPDrecords] GO!LIMIT

    Another fairly niche album, although definitely one of the more interesting ones to have been reviewed for some time. This style of music simply isn’t popular with most people, and it’s hard to imagine how that could change. I’ve always loved kanabun’s work ever since hearing this arrangement of Bad Apple, which was very different from the usual arrangement styles. It’s a pity that this isn’t more popular, it definitely deserves to be heard and is definitely very interesting.

    Highlight would definitely be the first track, Mud. I think it captures a certain melancholic atmosphere that the other tracks strive for, but never actually reach. Quite a fantastic emotional track, and exactly what I like to hear from kanabun.

  4. (C81) [Chromesphere Records] Colorium

    This was one of my unexpected finds of C81 – I’ve never heard of Chromepshere Records before, and I don’t really follow syatten. But simply listening to the crossfade made me believe that this would be interesting, and so I picked it up. It was glorious, and is definitely worth listening to if you like progressive trance/house. My only complaint is that it feels a little canned and generic, and doesn’t offer up anything radically new unlike Malignant”X”.

    The highlight would definitely be Aliceblue, which I mentioned in the review proper as well. It’s my personal favourite of the album, although Primula comes close as well. Good stuff, those two tracks.

Quite a good batch of albums, although most of this depends on personal preference rather than strictly being an amazing, genre-shattering earth-moving piece of work.

For this month, I’ll be doing less reviews since I’m short on time at the moment. I do have Echo Project and Sally’s new albums ordered, which should be arriving at the end of the month or so, hopefully I’ll have time to review those.

Any comments or thoughts are appreciated once again, as well as any recommendations for me to review.