[BunKai-Kei records] open the world.ep

Featuring kanabun as the sole arranger, this album features a wonderful quartet of Electronica tracks with a very relaxed overall feel. It’s quite similar to Loop of Summer, and it’s definitely worth listening to if you’re a fan of electronic music.

This album is actually free to download like all BunKai-Kei records releases. BK-K Records’ releases are all free and can be downloaded from their website, which is pretty cool. Free music! Who would have thought of that, huh!

I’ve always been a huge fan of kanabun’s style, and this album is probably the best example of his style. It’s a fusion of experimental elements with electronic music, and the result is something that’s strikingly unique while still being familiar enough that it’s not too scary or repulsive. It’s an excellent gateway into the world of ambient music, and definitely something I highly recommend anyone to check out.

Undoubtedly, kanabun’s best work has always been with vocals. The also-free Loop of Summer runs along the same lines as this album, and similarly the outstanding tracks are those that feature vocals. Nevertheless, kanabun’s instrumentals are strong enough to stand on their own and are definitely not lacking in any respect.

Circle Name: BunKai-Kei records
Album Name: open the world.ep
Website: http://bunkai-kei.com/release/bk-k_023/

  1. kanabun – open the world

    Showing off some of that experimental style right off the bat, this track feels like a very, very long introduction to the album proper. An combination of disruptive, experimental elements and soothing electronic synthesizers results in a very interesting sound, which develops further and further as the track progresses. While this isn’t bad at all, it definitely doesn’t feel like a proper track and as such isn’t as good as it could have been.

  2. kanabun – link

    A rather melancholic sounding track, featuring Suzuha Yumi on vocals. I’ve never really heard of her before, and I’m not very impressed by her – although that’s mostly due to her voice not matching up well with the instruments. Nevertheless, the overall sound is excellent as expected of kanabun, featuring many different elements all building up slowly to the end, where everything comes together and makes for a superb track. Pretty good, yeah.

  3. kanabun – decillion

    This track is probably going to be quite divisive – it’s much more energetic than the previous track, but most controversially of all it features not male rap vocals! Although I don’t usually like rap, it’s much better when the vocals aren’t hogging the spotlight, and instead adding to the overall sound of the track – as such, I find that HARD GU.W-C.I does an excellent job in this. The cheerful, energetic and child-like sound of this track also serves as a nice break from the slow, pondering melancholy of the previous track, and is an excellent choice. Would be my favourite track of the album, but!

  4. kanabun – humoresque

    Undoubtedly saving the best for last, this track features vocals by the always wonderful Chie Fukami, whose vocals make this a simply superb song. The entire song is built around using her vocals as an instrument, and the composition is simply stunning. With a simple use of build-ups, breakdowns and pauses, the result is an extremely emotional track that shows what kanabun does best. I unequivocally recommend this track to you if you have any interest whatsoever in electronic music, it’s simply one of the best things I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. Best kanabun track ever!

A pity that it’s only four tracks – I would love to see what kanabun would do if arranging a full-length album with both vocals and non-vocal tracks, that would most definitely be interesting. If for some reason you skipped the track descriptions and are reading this, go and listen to humoresque – it’s just fantastic in every way, and I can almost guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Apart from producing these lovely original compositions, kanabun also collaborates with Ruxia pretty often, which is coincidentally one of my favourite Touhou arrangement circles. If you liked kanabun’s style in this album, I would recommend checking out apple and honey and Field just to get a sense of how different his arrangement style is from most other people’s.

If you wish to buy this album please take 750 JPY and burn it in a fire, because this is a free album that you don’t have to pay money for. If you missed it, the link to the download page is here.