In which I finally find the time to write another album review, this time on one of my favourite old albums! This album has a very chiptune-esque feel with lots of off-vocal electronic tracks, definitely worth checking out if you like chiptunes!

One of my favourite circles for chiptune and synth-heavy music, chipion has been around for quite a bit with a large number of albums released! Sadly, they’re no longer functioning with their website down and all members having moved on to other projects, which is a shame.

With a very unique arrangement style consisting of a mix of old chip-based electronic music and modern synths, it’s hard to find a suitable replacement for them and as such they’re one of those circles that I will always remember.

Chipion consisted of two arrangers, maelock and ばん(bann), with maelock having moved on to a new circle called B.L. Addictive that produces a wide variety of music and is worth checking out if you like this album.

The only non-arranger member of the circle is the excellent vocalist 蒼-aoi, who is one of my favourite vocalists due to this excellent arrangement of Bad Apple, and as such I always look forward to hearing any song with her on vocals.

Maelock, picture from TwitPic

Circle Name: chipion
Album Name: Hold the light.EP
Website: No longer servicing, but used to be

  1. ばん – Hold the light (Original mix)

    A lighter almost rock-like start to the album, smooth for the most part but with a few oddities here and there. It doesn’t feel as excellent as the other parts of the album, and I don’t really like the vocals for this track. It’s acceptable due to the interesting vocal processing and decent composition though.

  2. ばん – Unknown GiRL (ElePop remix)

    I haven’t heard the original of this so-called remix, but it’s pretty good! Apart from the bait-and-switchedness of the intro, it’s an excellent upbeat arrangement of U.N. Owen that’s full of spirit and energy. This is definitely my favourite track of the album, just a lovely little light electro-pop track that goes well with just about anything.

  3. 蒼 – Twinkle Scarlet(Jump in the s.moonlight mix)

    This is the first track arranged by maelock, and you can easily see the difference! With a much more aggressive sound than the previous lighter tracks and a very vocal-focused approach, the result is an interesting song that’s held back by a few pacing errors. Pretty good, but would have liked it to be less repetitive towards the end.

  4. 蒼 – PHOENiX GiRL

    Another maelock track, but with a pretty confusing artist credit. The vocals aren’t really distinguishable in this track and there’s no way I would have guessed that was Aoi on vocals. It has a very chiptune style and is one of the most interesting Immortal Smoke arrangements I’ve heard, very unique and executed excellently.

  5. 蒼 – そらかけるおもい(Electro remix)

    The closer for the album, arranged by bann. This struck me as being somewhat tame and boring at first, but after a while it grew on me and I started to like it more. It has a very slow buildup that contrasts distinctly with PHOENiX GiRL and Unknown GiRL which turned me off at first, but when it does get going it’s definitely an excellent track. Aoi does a splendid job on vocals, and is definitely the main feature for this track. Pretty decent, but wouldn’t take it over PHOENiX GiRL or Unknown GiRL.

There’s a bunch more tracks after this, but they’re just instrumentals of the vocal tracks so I won’t bother writing about them.

It’s really a shame that chipion ceased to exist, this album in particular has always been one of my favourites specifically becauseo of PHOENiX GiRL and Unknown GiRL. They’re a pair of excellent tracks that sound fantastically unique, and I have yet to find similar sounding music anywhere else.

If you’d like to purchase this album, well, tough luck.