An interesting little album with a mix of vocal and off-vocal tracks. Has a touch of post-rock to it, and a very space-y feel to it – if you like slow, rock-style songs with emotional vocals, you’re in for a treat.

Sadly, I don’t know much about this circle so I’ll just comment briefly on the album’s style. It’s a very slow-paced album, sometimes agonizingly slow, but there are some gems scattered throughout. Annabel and Kazuhiro Abe provide the vocals for this album – you may have heard Annabel’s work, but I have no idea who Kazuhiro Abe is. The arrangers/composers are Shin Sheena and enso, both of whom I have never heard of before.

This album seems pretty obscure; I only know it exists it was recommended to me (for reviewing).

Six months later, I’m finally reviewing it!

Circle Name: Laqshe
Album Name: rewinder

  1. Annabel – eclosion

    A rather promising start to the album, full of energy and spirit. This track has a very upbeat feel to it with lots of light guitar playing and an excellent range of sounds mingled together to make for a very lively track – yet, there’s still a touch of melancholy in it. Annabel’s vocals put the finishing touch on it with a very wistful performance. Definitely a track worth listening to, and one of the highlights of the album.

  2. Shin Sheena – when i dive

    Dialing the melancholy up to 11, this is quite a depressing track. It’s an interesting change from the previous track and serves nicely as a refresher, preparing you for the next track quite excellently. I wouldn’t recommend that you listen to this on its’ own though, it lacks substance and would get repetitive pretty quickly.

  3. Kazuhiro Abe – 氷の灯

    Another rather emotional track, with a very slow paced rock feel to it and more wistful vocals. I really like Kazuhiro Abe’s vocals on this one, she really brings the song to life with her singing. The instrumentals also pair well with her voice and accentuate every aspect of the song, with the end result being a track that I can loop for hours on end. My favourite of the album.

  4. Annabel – lit up

    Yet another melancholic track, except by this point it’s stopped being cool and just started being tiresome. The vocals are once again fairly wistful, but one can only appreciate so much wistfulness in a single sitting. To her credit, Annabel’s vocals are excellent once again, but the track itself is nothing special and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  5. Kazuhiro Abe – 微風

    This is much more cheerful than the previous track, but that’s not exactly a great achievement. There’s a smattering of male vocals through this, which makes no sense since Kazuhiro Abe is credited as the vocals on this one. Unless S/he’s extremely good at doing a falsetto voice and did that for the entirety of track #3. I’m not sure if I want to know.

    This track – it’s okay, just… okay.

  6. enso – clear

    Finally, a nice breather from all the melancholic tracks! This is a neat little instrumental that helps to even out the mood and ends the album on a decent enough note, but sadly there’s nothing terribly interesting about this – it sounds very generic, and could have been made by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Decent as a space filler, not great as a track.

  7. Kensei Ogata – eclosion (Kensei Ogata mix)

    I have no idea who this is, but he makes a pretty nice remix. It’s essentially an extremely post-rock version of eclosion, and that’s kind of nice in a way. It would definitely get tiring to listen to after a while though – the instrumentals are blaringly loud and it’s taxing on the ears after the first minute or so.

    Still, it’s a nice touch and an interesting take on an excellent track. Would recommend it if you enjoyed eclosion at all.

Well, there’s that! It’s not a particularly great album, but there’s some interesting things in there so that’s nice. I particularly enjoy #3, but I don’t know what’s up with Kazuhiro Abe’s vocals in #5, that’s just weird.

If you want to buy this album, tough luck – it’s not available anywhere.