One of kanabun’s older works, a short little mini-album with only three tracks. Features some nice minimalist electronica, something you’ll enjoy if you like ambient-ish music!

If you’re familiar with my past reviews of kanabun’s work, you’ll know that he produces an interesting blend of Experimental and Electronica, often resulting in tracks that are just a little bit too loud and striking to be considered Ambient, but still very minimal.

I’m quite fond of it myself, being a fan of Ambient music. Sadly, most people don’t like Ambient music so he’s remained relatively obscure. If you don’t like that kind of music, you should probably just listen to Track 2 on this album, Holiday, and call it quits. Or, you could stick around! Maybe you’ll end up liking Ambient music – it’s really nice and makes for good mood music!

This album is relatively obscure – being rather old and by a little-known circle, I would be surprised if there were still any physical copies for sale. I only know about it because someone sent me a copy, and it’s not listed on KPDRecords’ discography.

Circle Name: KPDRecords
Album Name: good morning for bad holiday

  1. kanabun – Curtain

    An interesting minimalistic track, with a very haunting melody. There’s a definite sense of melancholy throughout this track, with a soft piano building up an eerie atmosphere. The few synthesizers in the background add kanabun’s signature electronic touch to the track, making this a hybrid Ambient/Electronica track. I rather enjoyed this one, it’s quite slow but builds up nicely and is definitely a good track to wind down to.

  2. kanabun – holiday

    The main track of the album, with a cheerful sound to it. It carries over the main chords from Curtain, which adds a wonderful sense of continuity to the album. Despite the cheerful sounding synthesizer, it still has a touch of melancholy to it, almost as if there’s a sense of longing throughout. There’s a good build-up throughout the track, and once again it has a wonderful atmosphere to it.

    I imagine different people would feel different emotions from this track – I feel like it speaks directly to your heart, and draws on yourself to fill it up. Quite a wonderful job in doing that.

  3. kanabun – Scenery

    The only track with vocals, albeit quite faint and indistinct. Hatsune Miku provides the vocals, but they’re rather muddy and indistinct. It sounds like it would have been better with someone such as Chie Fukami providing the vocals, Hatsune Miku’s voice doesn’t fit and it’s not manipulated very well. The instrumentals are mostly a repeat showcase of elements from track 1 and 2, and definitely builds nicely on what’s been accomplished so far.

    The vocals simply don’t suit it though, which subtracts from the enjoyment of the song. The ending is also a fantastic cop-out, using a simple fade instead of having any interesting elements at all. What a shame, this could have been pretty good.

Overall, not a spectacular album, but one that demonstrates good atmosphere. I’d say it’s worth listening to once if you have any interest in Electronic, Ambient or Minimalist music. It’s a different experience from the mainstream electronic albums that everyone loves, which makes it all the more interesting.

I quite like how most of kanabun’s albums manage to be so emotional with so little. Minimalistic music is not easy to create, and involves careful planning throughout the album. A simple misstep, such as in the last track of this album’s vocals, can completely destroy the mood and make the difference between a good album and a mediocre one.

Of course, I can’t go an entire kanabun review without mentioning Ruxia. kanabun’s work with ruxia remains some of his best, although they’re not in KPDRecords’ usual style. It’s just very good, and you should totally click those links and listen to some of it.

If you’d like to buy this album, I have no clue where you could get it. I think it’s out of print? I’m not sure. KPDRecords’ website is horrible unless you run Japanese locale and I’m too lazy to switch, so I have no idea if it’s being sold there. Oh well.