New version after some 4 years, woo.

Map: Anonfile Mirror

Map + Modelpack: Anonfile Mirror

This requires a modelpack to run, one of my links includes it, but for additional mirrors and instructions, please see the post delyssen made for 0.30:

There are some great people I would like to give very special thanks to for making this possible:

delyssen for all the excellent work he already put into SDMD and allowing me to continue his work on this project of his as well. His preexisting activity on this map has helped me greatly and his previous achievements on different maps has motivated me greatly.

Sedistra for teaching me all kinds of things about the translation process and providing me with insight and advice all the countless times I felt lost. His work on other maps has encouraged me to pick this up in the first place.

Kai666 for spending countless hours playing SDMD with me both in older versions and this one when it was still untranslated. His keen insight in how lots of things work in SDMD proved immensely helpful.

Lots of things changed since 0.30 but I don’t wanna write a changelog since that would be too much work.

Playing one round of this can easily take 3 hours, so please excuse lack of prior in-depth testing. Please just leave me a note if you find any errors with the translation and I will try to fix it as soon as I get to it.