Midnight Insomnia is a random thing – it was created on the spur of the moment for no particular reason.

While originally intended to be a news-coverage or content site, Midnight Insomnia has become more of a place for me to put my own personal projects.

Generally, I tend to write a bit about stuff related to Japan/Gaming on here, while also tending to focus a lot on the Doujin Scene, specifically Doujin Music / Touhou.

In practice, this means lots of Doujin album reviews, as well as translation projects.

If you’d like to write something on here for some reason, please Contact me somehow.

Current writing staff:

I run the place, and I translate various Warcraft 3 maps and stuff. I don’t have as much time as I used to so new translation projects will probably not be taken on. I’ve had lots of experience working with Warcraft 3 maps, and am the author of the ridiculously broken and currently abandoned map GuessIt!.

I also enjoy Doujin Music, and try my best to cover less well-known doujin circles on here as much as possible. I like almost anything except for Pop-style music, but I particularly enjoy Post-Rock, Ambient and various electronic genres.

As a student in IT/Design, this website’s design is also done by me(which is why it’s pretty crappy).