Questions, asked and answered by me.

Section 1 : Site Questions

  • What is Midnight Insomnia?
    Two words. Oh you meant this site? Refer to this page for the answer.
  • When does Midnight Insomnia update?
    Generally whenever the writers feel like it. Thankfully, this usually means something new is posted every 2 days or so not that often at all rather than once a month.
  • Why is there so much Warcraft III stuff?
    Translating Warcraft III maps requires frequently updated files. Most of the frequently-updated projects are on the sidebar so hopefully that’s not too much of a nuisance, but occasionally we get updates to big, popular maps that go on the front page.
  • Why do I sometimes get an error when visiting?
    I enjoy being reckless and implementing updates for this site on-the-fly without doing any testing. Occasionally it means I break something for a short while, so you might get an error.
  • Can I write for Midnight Insomnia?
    Sure you can! We’re always happy to accept new writers. Some basic things to take note if you wish to join us:

    • At the very least 1 post every month for active writers.
    • Topic should be related to Japanese Culture and/or Gaming in some way.
    • Writing about 18+ stuff is OK, but displaying 18+ images on the website is not.
    • Posts may be edited after publishing to correct spelling, grammatical errors etc.
    • This is a voluntary position with no pay.

    If you are interested, please head over to the Contact page and submit a form.

  • Why should I write anything for you if there is no pay?
    Midnight Insomnia is not a for-profit website – this is solely a personal project undertaken by myself. There are absolutely no advertisements, affiliate programs or anything of the sort running on the website, so there is naturally absolutely no income coming in.

    What we can offer however, is a place for you to showcase your own writing. The topics we tend to cover here aren’t exactly very well-known, so in the end it all benefits everyone if we can get more people interested. You can also advertise your own website on any post you write, I don’t mind at all.

  • What about link exchanging?
    As I’m quite the lazy person I’m not going to be actively looking for link exchanges. However, if you have an interesting website that is somewhat related to the topics we cover and want to exchange links then please contact us about it.

Section 2 : Warcraft III Questions

  • One of the maps you released is bugged/broken!
    Please leave a comment on map’s page or contact us about it and we will try to fix it ASAP if we are able to. For translated maps, if the same bug is present in the original version of the map we will not be able to fix it.
  • What do the model/sound packs do?
    They allow additional sounds/models to be used in Warcraft 3 without breaking the 8MB maximum file size for maps.
    Midnight Insomnia installers will automatically install the registry fix to allow the model packs to be used, and will also record the Warcraft III directory you selected if you did not install it via a CD. They will also copy over all the model/sound files into the Warcraft III folder you select.
    This lets future installers find your Warcraft III folder location easier.
  • Can you send me a deprotected map?
  • Can you translate a map for me?
    It depends on my current workload, and the language/protection of the map. Chinese and Korean are the only languages we can translate at the moment. Please contact us for further details. Quick answer: Probably not. (2011/10/11)
  • What do you think of mods to your translated maps?
    Since most of Midnight Insomnia’s work deals with translation, I prefer to be as faithful to the original as possible – this extends to not including features that seem like a good idea, such as a “-skip” command. This is to respect the original author’s intentions, which is fairly important to me since I’m just doing translation. If you do go ahead and modify the map anyway, please keep it as low-profile as possible. Preferably, don’t make any public mention of it since it could be troublesome. If it’s for mods to maps that I’m making, such as GuessIt, if it’s useful it’ll probably be included in the official release anyway, so you should just tell me about it and I’ll most likely put it in.

Section 3 : Other Stuff

  • How do I get an avatar?
    You need to register an account on Gravatar with the email that you use to comment. Then you will have an avatar on comments.
  • Why didn’t my comment appear?
    Sometimes your comment will be recognised as spam, which means it will take 2-3 days to appear be lost to the depths of the abyss. To avoid this, always use the same email when commenting and don’t include weird links for your first comment.
  • You didn’t reply to my comment?!
    I only reply if it’s a bug that I can fix, or if it’s something that’s of personal interest to me. I also won’t talk about the map protection/translation process in comments.

    I do read all comments though, but if you specifically need me to reply to you then send a contact form instead.

  • What is the site’s skin?
    I custom make all the skins for this site. They are not made to work on other sites.