Project Index is a Hero Arena map that involves using the various characters from To Aru Majutsu no Index to kill each other for a period of time, after which one team or one person will be declared a winner.

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This is a relatively new hero arena map based on the To Aru Majutsu no Index, or “A Certain Magical Index” series. It includes characters from both Railgun and Index, and is very similar to Fate / Another. Expect fast-paced, high skill ceiling combat with an emphasis on hero skills and stats, with items playing a secondary role.

The map itself is quite well made, with good-looking custom models for all the current heroes. I’m not too familiar with Index, since I haven’t watched season 2 yet so I’ll refrain from commenting on the character roster lest I get any names wrong. The city is also well modelled, with custom textures and models for buildings. Overall, it feels a fair bit like Academy City, and is probably as good as it’s going to get in the Warcraft 3 engine.

The gameplay mechanics place high value on skill and hand speed, with a “Fuse” system that allows for instant restoration of health/mana, cooldown reset and even teleportation of heroes. To use fuses, one must hit three keys – One key for the unit, One key to open the “Fuse” spellbook and One key to activate the fuse. This can be quite difficult to pull off in the middle of a battle, so experience and a steady hand helps alot.

Hero skills are also quite deadly, with most 800 mana(Ultimate) spells being able to one-hit heroes in the mid-game. As such, being able to dodge and predict is also important.

Items do not directly boost stats in this game. Instead, they usually provide a temporary bonus, such as +50% speed for 12 seconds. While ordinarily a lack of items would mean that the only way to build a hero is through its skills, Project Index has a “Stat Addition” system, based on Stat Points, which adds customizability to every hero. Stat Points are gained when levelling and every 3 minutes, which ensures a steady flow of Stat Points in the early-mid game, but the flow of points starts to slow down in the late game. One complaint I have with this system is that the Stat Point gain is too low, and usually results in not being able to fully maximize your potential in one game.

Anyway, that’s about enough of an explanation of the game I think. Myth_Zero and I decided to translate the map, and as such we have completed a full translation of the game. There are a few tooltips that are currently missing for the game, so those aren’t translated. Script translation is complete, though whether it’s correct is another matter. This must surely be some kind of new record as far as translating speed goes, releasing a fully translated map with 10+ heroes in 12 hours.